Documents Changing History

By Megan Crownover, Peyton Jobe, Avery Hughes


The changes that have happened in history has brought us here today. But what's behind those big transforming moments in history has always stayed the same: documents. As a group, we believe that documents do have the power to change history; whether it's documents that change a whole nation, like the 19th Amendment or a document that changes people and in-turn changes the world, like the Sermon On The Mount or a document that directly changes the world, like the Zimmerman Telegram, documents have been the center of many changes in the world. We have provided documents that have changed history; we are sure that these examples will persuade you to see that documents truly impact the world.

19th Amendment

Our women lived in the dark and fought until the light finally broke through. On August 18, 1920, more than twenty six million women had their citizenship affirmed. After a seventy year battle, the women of the United States gained suffrage, or were guaranteed the right to vote throughout the country. The strong women of the nineteenth and twentieth century. From then on, the role of women changed drastically. Women were now receiving a better education and were having more opportunities to work, which helped our economy. Plus the voting population practically doubled. Now that half of the votes would be from women, the results would vary with an opposite genders view on the issue. With man being equal to women the country took a change for the better.

Sermon On The Mount

The Sermon On The Mount is an impeccable and widely known speech given by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a prodominant figure in the religion of Christianity. In His speech, Jesus addresses topics that, for the first time in history, apply to believers and non-believers both. This document of history sparked many events, ideas, and controversies that are still happening in the world today...

The speech encourages people to stand out of the world if it means to follow what you believe is right. "Blessed are the ones who search and thirst for righteousness; they shall be filled"

-Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat when asked to move off of a bus for white people. She chose to follow her heart and what she believed was right even though it meant standing out in front of not only the people on her bus, the people in her town, but the people of a nation looking for someone to stand out and make a difference.

-Mother Teresa chose to leave her ordinary life to serve the poor. She saw a need that almost everybody else saw, but she chose to follow what she knew was right and ended up helping hundreds of people improve their life. She stood out from a world who is self centered, a world who refused to help and changed the lives of so many people.

The speech itself started a controversy between non-believers and believers and even different groups of believers that has truly never been settled.

-The Crusades were started mainly because of the sites that were in the Holy City of Jerusalem, but all sites of Christianity were targeted. The actual site of where the sermon took place was on Mt. Ermos in Galilee which is in Northern Israel. Because Mt. Ermos was not in a convenient place, it was saved from the destruction that took place during the times of the crusades.

-There are many religions in the world today, proof that the writings of the Sermon On The Mount has caused many people to follow the truth that they believe in.

-Building on the many religions in the world today and people believing in their truths, WWII began because Adolf Hitler reasoned that it was right to eliminate the Jewish religion. Where did the differences between his thoughts and the Jewish religion begin? The answer lies in the various ideas that streamed from discussions on what is the truth from the Sermon On The Mount.

Throughout all of history and the future, many issues and events will have a meaning to them that most likely can be traced back to issues beginning with the Sermon On The Mount.

Interesting thought: If both non-believers and believers find truths in the Sermon On The Mount, how is it possible that non-believers can't be converted into believers, because they are united under at least one common thought?

Zimmerman Telegram

The Zimmerman Telegram, sent from the German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmerman, was intercepted by British cryptographers. The telegram was sent to the German Minister to Mexico, von Eckhardt. At first, Britain decided to not share the decoded message with the United States despite the fact that the Germans planned to break their pledge of restricting submarine warfare, as described in the message. They made this decision because they did not want Germany to know that they had cracked their code. Britain knew that if they informed the United States of the telegram that the United States would no longer be neutral in World War I. Britain did eventually notify the American government and on April 6, 1917, the United States joined the Allied Forces in World War I.

This document changed history because it drew the States into a war that resulted in 116,516 American deaths and 204,002 Americans wounded. Without the United States entering the war, the Allied Forces may not have been as successful. World War I also resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, World War II, the Holocaust, the development of the atomic bomb, the Great Depression, and the Cold War. The Zimmerman Telegram not only affected American History but also World History.