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May 2015

Recent Successes

Point Bonita Lighthouse 160th Anniversary

On April 19th, Michael Morales, Mia Monroe, and Andrew Felton hosted the Point Bonita 160th Anniversary Celebration. Nearly 1,000 visitors braved a cold and windy day to celebrate the Point Bonita Lighthouse’s 160 years of shinning bright. To celebrate, the Coast Guard’s Color Guard performed a ceremony, a group of Morris dancers serenaded the Lighthouse with song and dance, and visitors were encouraged to build their own lighthouse at the Roving Ranger and participate in the Find Your Park Instameet! In all, the day was a smashing success!

Park Youth Collaborative Workshop: Cultural Competency

On April 28 and 29, PYC held its 3rd set of workshops of the year. These workshop helped us improve our cultural competency by focusing on privilege and personal influence. Special thanks to Raenelle Tauro, PYC Coordinator for setting up the workshops that were led by Be The Change, a non-profit organization in Oakland.

Girl Scout Bridging Event

Last Saturday, May 2nd, over 6000 Girl Scouts and their families joined us at Crissy Field for their Bridging Ceremony. At the event, Peggy O'Dell, Deputy Director of the National Park Service, signed a partnership agreement with the Girl Scouts of the USA to launch the "Girl Scout Ranger Program," a joint venture connecting girls with National Park Service sites throughout the United States, including monuments, seashores, and urban sites. Thank you to Jenn Flores, Kay Wang, Lou Sian, and Hesther Fan for their work with the girls on Crissy Field!

Jr. Ranger Day on Alcatraz

Last weekend, Alcatraz held its annual Jr Ranger Days in which hundreds of children participated in all sorts of activities including a scavenger hunt with booklet and prizes, Special thank you to Sarah Sawtell for your leadership, creativity and hard work and the rest of the Az team for leading activity stations and working long hours to ensure the success.



End Of 2014-2015 Season Parks as Classroom programs

Late May/Early June marks the end of 2014-2015 School Season, and with that we conclude our amazing Parks As Classroom programs. While we are still talling up the numbers, the park typocally engages between 10,000 -15,000 students each year with both on-site and off-site programs. Many thanks go out to our stellar education staff and interns for making this 2014-2015 school year such a success . Congratulations to Madeline Primack (Alcatraz), Brian Kim, Jana Ng, and Bowie Hagan (North District), Desiree Munoz and Alessandra Goldsbaugh (Crissy Field Center), and Helen Hou (Presidio/Fort Point) for completing a successful season at the park.

Urban Agenda Launch

I had the privilege of attending an Urban Parks Caucus following the City Parks Alliance Conference in April. At the Caucus, NPS Director John Jarvis and Deputy Director Peggy O'Dell mentioned that the NPS has sites in 40 of the 50 most populous cities in the U.S. and urban parks make up 26% of the total economic output of national park visitation. With 80% of the population living in urban areas, they discussed the importance of urban parks and programs in creating connections to national parks. Golden Gate was mentioned several times as an innovative example of how parks engage the local communities. Be sure to check out the www.nps.gov/urban for more information.

PLWS Summit

On May 21st, the YMCA will be hosting a Play, Learn, Work Serve Summit for Bay Area youth leaders as part of DOI's PLWS launch. At the event, participants will discuss how public land managers and youth serving organizations can better collaborate to get more youth outdoors. The summit will be held at the Log Cabin in the Presidio and is a partnership between NPS, Conservancy, Trust and SF Rec and Park.

Project Updates

Presidio VC and Move out of 223

The new Presidio Visitor Center is on track to open at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. We have ended schematic phase for the building architecture and soon be moving into design & development phase. We are currently in an alignment phase with the exhibits, incorporating the feedback from front end evaluation session we held several months ago. On a related notes, building 36 will transition from the Presidio Graduate School to a new tri-agency office in early 2016. Building 36 will become the new office for staff currently in building 223, which includes Presidio based education, interpretation and outreach staff.

Kirby Cove Campsite

Two new accessible campsites opened at Kirby Cove last week. These sites feature accessible sleeping pads, access to ADA bathrooms and parking spaces. Be sure to check out the site for yourself and spread the word about the new camping spot with amazing view of the City and Bay. Michael Faw and Lucy Scott are currently working on two new waysides for the site that will enhance the interpretation of the site for visitors.

The Safety Program is You!

Hi! I am James Osborne, I&E rep on the Employee Safety Committee. I’ve got to excite you to work safely and contribute to staff, partner, and public safety, so I will KISS (keep it simple, señor!). It’s all about Prevention & Preparedness!

Because “Safety is Job One” we need the equipment and the training for every element of our job, whether it’s sitting at the computer, lifting boxes, or giving CPR.

Because the Big One is coming sooner or later, GGNRA supports 5 NERT caches to support staff in emergencies. Alcatraz and Muir Woods have some limited food in their caches. Management Assistant Kevin Cochary encourages all employees to maintain their own emergency pack, but he’s also recommending up to 7 more caches.

There are First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers in workplaces, vehicles, and Visitor Centers, but Safety Committee Chair Katie Beltrano reminds us that: You must know where they are AND how to use them or they’re wasted. CAHA: Check All, Help All to discuss this with supervisors and coworkers.

I’ve used a few Catchphrases and Mnemonics, and Mia Monroe has a new one for trail safety: “Slow and Say Hello.” I’ve got files full of advice on fire, flu, eyestrain, housekeeping and driving but I’m asking all you interpreters to send me your inventions, surely better than: Safety-it’s all in your mind—NOT!

Diversity & Inclusion

Resource: The Grist

Consider subscribing to Grist, "an online source of intelligent, irreverent environmental news and commentary that’s been around since 1999. We cover climate, energy, food, cities, politics, business, green living, and the occasional adorable baby animal. Each day, we use our Clarity-o-Meter to point our readers to the news that matters most, and to translate wonky issues into stories that make sense. Our goal is to get people talking, thinking, and taking action."

Grist reaches out to over 2 million people each month in an interesting, serious, yet humorous approach. If you are looking for stories that connect to our park resources, the community, nationally and even internationally, I encourage you to subscribe. Its free and fun. www.grist.org

Wellness in the Park

All Vehicles Get Zero Miles Per Gallon While Idling by Lucy Scott

Reducing engine idling will improve our air quality, reduce our carbon footprint, protect our health and save money. Vehicle emissions are a major source of carbon dioxide contributing to global warming. About a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States come from vehicle emissions. Researchers have found that motorists were exposed to 29 times more air pollution at red lights than when they were moving! If that wasn't enough convincing then consider this: In general, 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting the car. Do you ever drive through the Baker Barry Tunnel and idle at the "5 minute light"? Are you waiting for your slow-poke coworker to hop in? Is your friendly maintenance coworker idling while tending to their chores? Turn off your car!

To find out more with what is happening in the park, check out other upcoming Park Events page on the Parks Conservancy website.

International Migratory Bird Day

Saturday, May 9th, 8am

Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley, CA, United States

Mill Valley, CA

Join us for the 15th Annual International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD). A FREE event filled with activities and fun for all ages. Throughout the Western Hemisphere, people flock to parks, community centers, refuges and town squares to learn about wild birds, take action to conserve birds and their habitats, and simply have fun. Visit with Point Blue scientists conducting mist netting and bird banding research, identify birds and plants on walks at Muir Beach, go on an evening walk in Muir Woods with Steffen Bartschat in search of owls, make bird masks, experience how birds hear with Dan Dugan and the Nature Sounds Society, see Sequoia a live Wildcare rescued northern spotted owl, get your hands and heart into a habitat restoration project, learn how to draw and paint birds from the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, get close and personal with Norcal Bats, go on a scavenger hunt, and hear

Ondine at Sutro

Thursday, April 30th, 4:30pm to Friday, June 5th, 4:30pm

680 Point Lobos Avenue

San Francisco, CA

We Players presents Ondine and you're invited! We Players are offering Park staff FREE reservations on any other FRIDAY performance (5/1 - 6/5). Email reservations@weplayers.org to book your complimentary tickets.

Preview of "The Presidio- Start Here!" exhibit for the SF Main Library

Wednesday, May 20th, 6pm

Presidio Officers' Club - Moraga Hall

NPS Interpreters, you are invited to a special preview of a new Trust exhibit that will bring the Presidio downtown to the San Francisco Main Library. Through beautiful park images, art works, and informative panels located throughout the library, the exhibit is intended to showcase what the Presidio has to offer and inspire people of all ages to enjoy their national park next door. This special preview for staff and volunteers will include an overview of the exhibit contents, associated programs, and a presentation by Bay Area artist Lynn Sondag. Lynn has a deep connection to the Presidio and was the inspiration and catalyst for the exhibit. Her beautiful and evocative watercolors of the Presidio trail network will be featured in the Wallace Stegner Environmental Center (5th floor of Library) as part of the exhibit that will run May 23 through Sept 24.

Michele Gee

Chief of Interpretation & Education
Golden Gate National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Fort Mason Building 201

San Francisco, CA 94123