The 6 Ideas of The Preamble

Jack O'Hara

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Artifact One: National Flag

This shows how the country is united under one piece of paper and brought together with the flag. This means that we are together under the Constitution, while the flag is what defines us as a people.

Artifact Two: Obama on "Birth Choice" and "Amendment 2"

This shows how Barack Obama is trying to form a more perfect union in the way guns will have limit and pregnant women have the choice to abort their baby or not. I am looking at this in the way that the cartoon is trying to portray it, but it seems to me that the irony is that he says one thing and contradicts himself on another topic. Gun control and abortion are two very debated topics and both will lead to a more perfect union, if only the topic is decided on and all the fuss stops. (Joke)

What branch of government deals with this?

In my opinion, every branch is there to make a more perfect union. If there was not one of the branches then the balance of power would shift and the whole system of checks and balances would fail.

establish justice

Artifact One: The Constitution

The Constitution is the best example of showing how justice has been formed. We have a fair court system that allows for a defendant to be tried with a jury of unbiased peers. That means that there are random people that decide the fate of the defendant.

Artifact Two: Levels of Courts

This means that there are different levels of courts so if an issue is felt to be left unanimous or even with a questioned ruling, it can run through all the levels.

What branch of government deals with this?

The judicial branch handles this the most effectively. It provides fair and easy trials for those in question. The legislative and executive are more the mechanics driving the force, making the laws that allow for the judicial branch to run.

ensure domestic tranquility

Artifact one: Police fighting mob

This shows that they are maintaining national peace and order.

Artifact two: Highway patrolman

This man is maintaining peace and order by pulling over someone who is not maintaining order.

What branch of government deals with this?

This is mainly organized by the executive branch. This is because they have the power to form new organizations and agencies that can protect the United States.

Provide for the common defense

Artifact one: U.S Army Mural

This is showing that the army is protecting the United States.

Artifact two: World War II American Troops

If it were not for the involvement of our soldiers, or even the formation of our soldiers, the war would have surely been lost.

What branch of government deals with this?

The legislative branch has the most involvement with the military, although the executive has a small portion of control.

promote the general welfare

Artifact 1: Human Services Office

This is the office that was formed by the government to help with adoptions as well as applying for welfare.

Artifact 2: FDA(Food and Drug Administration) Officer

This inspector is government issued and ensures that all food and tangible and or edible products are clean and safe to eat before they are sent out.

What branch of government deals with this?

The branch of government that has to do with this is the executive branch. They handle any and all of the dishing out the right culprit.

secure the blessings of liberty

Artifact 1: Different Rights

In this picture, you can see that there is one person to show that there are single rights, applying only to each and every individual person, as well as collective rights that apply to the whole nation.

Artifact 2: Ying Yang of Different Rights

This shows that there are a separation of different laws, those different laws apply to different people. I guess you could say that the dots that are in each side show that there is some blend between them, but I would not say.

What branch of government deals with this?

The branch of government that deals with this is the judicial branch as well as the legislative. The judicial probably handles the category in which the law will fall under, while the legislative deals with creating the law.

How would I grade the United States

I would give the United States a A-. I give us this because we have a stable government, but, we are always arguing over whether a law is for each individual or not. There is peace throughout our country, so there Is no real reason to give us a bad grade. I have no bias against United States either. I give them the minus because there are things that United States has failed to do. These would be things such as making quick decisions, agreeing, etc. So all in all the United States receives a good grade, the minus is only because we don't meet some requirements that make up a good government.