Jackson: hero AND zero

Is Jackson a hero and a zero?

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The native Americans

so our first topic is the Native Americans ! I think that this point will have to go to the zero side . because Jackson pushed the natives out of their hometown ! first of all they were here first , they have the right to their land !

next we are all humans . how would yo like it if you were forced out of your home and not given a choice ! so this point defiantly goes to zero

The common man

this next topic is something we can all relate to . he thought of the common man ! He tried to do things that would help everyone , not just the wealthy ! like for example he created the spoil system. the spoil system lets the president appoint his cabinet positions to some close friends . the ensures that you can tell your cabinet things without worrying that you cant trust them ! so point hero


Jackson fought in some of the wars for the us . like he fought in the war of 1812. and he became a big military hero . sopoint hero .

but once he became president he would fight anyone at the drop of a hat. and then he would drop the hat himself . he basically loved fighting for the sake of it ! so point zero .


Jackson expanded suffrage , like woman's right to vote and slaves right to vote ! I don't think I need to say anymore this point obviously goes to hero .


SO the final score is


History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester