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Part 1

Chapter 1 The escape

Chapter 2 I'm back

Part 2

Chapter 3 Help from friends

Chapter 4 Revenge on the writers

Chapter 5 Tricky trap

Part 3

Chapter 6 Evil police

Chapter 7 Copotron

Part 1

Chapter 1 The escape

"I'll be back!"Said Evil man "brrr wait how did I get in here?"I said" the last thing I remembered were some people hypnotising me.Now that is funny and I broke out of jail."

Chapter 2 I'm back

"Finally I'm back in the streets!" I said." back to kill more people!" Said Evil man" or maybe not? There are to many people to kill with out the police noticing me. But I should just have a try." "Hey what are you doing out of jail!" Said the police. Evil man sighed" I knew that would happen!" " brrr wait what are you doing here" I said "you!" Said the police" broke out of jail!" "okay gotta runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" I yelled.

Part 2

Chapter 3 help from friends

I ran home and call Liam and Kynan. I say" this is a adventure!" Liam said "what do you mean?" "yeah?" Said Kynan" what do you mean?" I said" somebody hypnotised me to be Evil man and we have to stop them." "what do you mean we?" Said Kynan" I will not help you because I don't believe you!" "okay, then I'm going to kill you!" Said Evil man." by trap!'

Chapter 4 revenge on the writers

"Now since I trapped Kynan all I have to now is get rid of the writers of the book "Evil man"." I said. I found a way to get revenge on the writers. Firstly I have to trap them in the trap I trapped Kynan in. secondly I close up all the entrances of the trap.

chapter 5 tricky trap

'I'm going to be stuck here for the rest of my life!" said Kynan "yeah I am going to never escape this thing!" said the writers of the book "Evil man" " this thing is so ba..!" as they fell into the crocodile pit." wow! that looks funny" said Kynan" what else do they have here, a trap d..!" as he fell into a trap door. "Now!" I said" I'll check my hostages now where is that sheet that tells me how to turn on the camera?" whoosh the hostages go straight down the pipe. "okay that tells me straight away that they went down the pipe!" I said, now I need to open the door and get some fresh air.

Part 3

Chapter 6 Evil police

I go outside and the police capture me. They say" you have to sacrifice your life to save the world!" I said" I 'll never sacrifice my life! Never!" "then" said the police" you will experience the end of the world!" "then watch this!" I said bzzz I shoot out lasers from my eyes and they say" thank you for letting us distract you to end the world! we will let you speak to our first person we captured" " you captured me first?" I said confused "okay then I mean the second person we captured. His name is Liam Vlaski." they said" so you mean you captured my friend first out of all the people in the world!" I said " yes we did." they said "go on talk to your friend." " Liam " I said" is that you?" "Yes!" he said "so I guess this is the end of the world." "not for evil man!" Evil man said.

Chapter 7 copotron

I shoot lasers from my eyes once again to distract them and run all the way to the prison where they held Liam. I got him out and he ran outside all the people were screaming about a car. We did not know why. But then I remembered the name of the last book of "Evil man" it was "Copotron" so I nudged Liam on the shoulder and said to him" this is Copotron! you should stay over there this is my job and I am going to kill him!" then all of a sudden the car sprang to life and roared " I think I'm going to kill you Evil man!" "okay!" said Evil man" then Liam yelled at me and said " I think you'll be needing this." as he grabbed a grenade out of his pocket he chucked it to me and I said" were did you get this from!" " I got it from that guy that always rhymed on our last mission!" Liam said. I aimed for his metal heart and let go. It went sawing through the sky and it hit his face and Copotron says" is that all you g..." then kapow it blows him up and I said" so what did you say about me,oh yes you would kill me. ha ha!" "that is funny!" said Liam.

The End

Evil man 2 sneak peak

In this crazy story Kynan comes back to life with a army of skeleton people on his side and me and Liam have to stop him.

by stewart b.

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