Back to School Night!

An improv comedy fundraiser

Algebra? CHECK. Spanish? CHECK. Long form? DOUBLE-CHECK

Short form games (i.e. 'Whose Line Is it Anyway), and some long form, just in time for those post-summer, back to school blues!

Featuring Comeback Kids!

Nathan Barstad

Gio Boone

Dayna Boone

Ian Hoppis

Curtis Miller

Tickets are $5 at the door and ALL funds raised will go directly to Compassion Village, a grassroots effort by Restoration Life and other churches in Sacramento to build and sustain villages of tiny homes for those in need.

Back to School Night!

Friday, Aug. 24th, 7-8pm

5801 2nd Avenue

Sacramento, CA

The show will be in the Sanctuary at Restoration Life Church, (this may pop up on google as Journey Church - it is the same location).

With all of your favorite improv games, and a few more!


-New Choice

-Oscar Winning Moment

-Academic challenge

-Four square


-Slacker-style long form!

-A game of freeze tag for anyone who wants to join in!