Alfred Hitchcock

The Master of Suspense

Who was he?

Alfred Hitchcock made horror movies in England and America from the 1920's through the 1970's. As a kid he was solitary and to himself. As he grew up he became locked into the film industry which, back then, were silent films. He liked the lighting which American film companies used to dramatize their films. When he was hired to direct films he started with Number 13 which was never finished. After that he started finishing films and people started enjoying and craving his movies. In 1960 he produced his greatest movie, Psycho, which kept some people from taking showers for months. He made more movies but none as popular as Psycho. In his entire career he produced 53 movies and in every one he had a cameo or a short part where he says nothing but is on screen.


Alfred Hitchcock and horror film makers of our time have the same goal; to scare the audience but make them want to come back. They used the same strategy to show the audience something bad is going to happen but not letting them know when exactly. Horror films are very popular today just like they were in Alfred Hitchcock's day. Like today's horror films, most of Hitchcock's films involved people getting murdered and a lot of blood. Horror films today also use dramatic music to create suspense and adrenaline in viewers just like Alfred Hitchcock did.
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Alfred Hitchcock and horror movie directors of our time are different in many ways. Today's directors rely on special effect and animations to cause suspense and fright. Hitchcock relied on a good story with lots of anticipation. Today the evil and horror in movies is more supernatural. The horror in Hitchcock's films came from humans and dark side of humanity. Most of Hitchcock's films were black and white. Today's films are in color and can make you feel you are right in the scene.