Kickapoo Indians

History of the Kickapoo.

KIckapoo Wars and Tools

One of the Kickapoo's major wars was Tecumseh's war of 1811 where the Kickapoo was at war against the U.S. and allied with the Shawnee. Some of their tools included spears, bows and arrows, clubs, tomahawks and axes, and knives.

Some Kickapoo homes and famous people

The Kickapoo language

The Kickapoo language, Algonquin from the Algonquin Indian tribe in Canada, Eastern United States, and Midwestern United States.

Where the Kickapoo Indians Lived

The Kickapoo Indians lived in many states. Some of the states the Kickapoo lived in were Texas , Indiana , Oklahoma , Kansas , Wisconsin , Michigan , and Illinois

Kickapoo Arts and Music

Kickapoo artists make pots, their writing, and wood carvings. Some Kickapoo Indian musical instruments are drums, flutes, and rattles.
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Thats Random!

The name Kickapoo comes from a Shawnee word which means wanderer. Now that's random!!
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Kickapoo Traditions

The Kickapoo supreme deity is Kisiihiat who they believe created the world and lives in the sky. Wasaaka, the son of Kisiihiat, created the Indian world and taught the Kickapoo how to build houses.

Kickapoo education

The men taught the boys to hunt . And the women taught to farm.
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Kickapoo Stories

There are lots of traditional Kickapoo legends and fairy tales. Storytelling is very important in the Indian Culture. One of their stories was Wisaka and the Buzzard. Wisaka and the Buzzard is a story about how Wisaka takes a ride on Buzzard but Buzzard drops him. Wisaka falls into a tree and got help from some Kickapoo hunters looking for a bear to eat but saves Wisaka. As a reward Wisaka kills a bear and gives it to the Kickapoo hunters.
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Kickapoo Allies

The Kickapoo allies were Ojibway, Ottawa, Sac and Fox, the Potawatomi, and the Comanche Indians.

What did the Kickapoo Children do in the past

The Kickapoo children went out hunting and played with cornhusk dolls.
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Kickapoo Transportation

Kickapoo Indians were farming people so when they needed to travel they usually walked overland
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Kickapoo Clothing

Kickapoo men wore breechcloth and leggings. And Kickapoo women wore wrap around skirts.
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