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Training Course, 19-27 May 2022, SINAIA-ROMANIA

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Thursday, May 19th, 6pm to Friday, May 27th, 10am

Sinaia, Romania

Sinaia, PH

Training Course will take place in Sinaia, a beautiful landscape resort emersed in the Carpathian mountains.

About the project

Disinformation is serious problem at EU level, which increased hand-in-hand with development of technology and information flows in the online environment. Youngsters are among the most exposed to this phenomenon, at the time when critical thinking and positioning in relation to society and community are formed. The significant amount of disinformation in the online environment often distorts young people's perception of fact and reality. The core of our project is defined as experimenting ways and methods for identifying, understanding and tackling disinformation.

The project will involve 30 youth workers from 7 European countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Turkey and Romania. The participants will improve their personal competences in the field of critical thinking and correct information.

Regarding the training methodology, activities are structured in 4 phases, along a 7 days training course, through which we can ensure the fulfillment of the 4 specific project objectives:

• Stage 1 - Group cohesion

• Stage 2 - Exploration and intercultural knowledge

• Stage 3 - Personal experimentation

• Stage 4 - Continuation and follow-up

Basic Information

  • Dates: 19 - 27 May 2022
  • Location: Sinaia, Romania
  • Participating countries: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Turkey and Romania
  • Number of Participants: 4 participants / country
  • Participant profile: We expect applications from participants active in the field of youth or from youth workers.
  • Age requirements: No age limit
  • Gender balance is recommended for each national group
  • All participants must be residents of the sending organization country
  • Working language for the project is English
  • Deadline for application: 4 May 2022

How to get to Sinaia?

VERY IMPORTANT: Participants can buy the plane tickets ONLY AFTER they confirm with us the flight itineraries.

The international travel for participants can be made either by plane, train or bus. Personal car or taxi travel cannot be reimbursed.

The arrival and departure days for the Training Course are:

  • 19 May 2022 (arrival day)
  • 27 May 2022 (departure day)

All participants should plan their travel to Bucharest. For those of you who wish to spend extra time in Romania for visiting purposes, it is possible to book travel tickets with maximum 2 days before arrival day and/or 2 days after departure day. Extra days spent in Romania will be covered at your own expense.

For participants who will travel by plane, you should arrive to Bucharest, at the Henri Coanda / Otopeni Airport (OTP) Use the airport train (to reach Gara de Nord – main train station) or bus 783 (to reach Piata Unirii – city center). Tickets for train or bus can be bought in the train/bus stations, just outside the arrival terminal of the airport.

For participants who will be using other means of transport for arrival to Romania (e.g. bus or train), please inform us about your arrival in Bucharest so we can further guide you.

Travel from Bucharest to Sinaia (the Training Course venue) will be made by train on 19 May 2022 from Gara de Nord (central railway station) in Bucharest. Here you may find the location of the central railway station:

You can use the Metro to get there (Gara de Nord metro station). Depending of your arrival hours to Bucharest, there are several trains that travel from Bucharest to Sinaia along the day, in average they leave every one hour.

The tickets can be bought from the vending machines in the train station or online from the website . One ticket costs up to 8 euros (or 38 lei), depending on the type of train you choose. The travel from Bucharest to Sinaia takes around 2 hours.

Financial rules and reimbursements

Reimbursements of travel costs will be made accordingly to the Erasmus+ rules, as follows:

  • Portugal: 360 euro
  • Spain: 360 euro
  • Italy: 275 euro
  • Greece: 275 euro
  • Poland: 275 euro
  • Turkey: 275 euro

For the plane transport, the mandatory documents required are:

  3. PROOF OF PAYMENT FOR TICKET (from online banking or receipt)

Invitation letters can be provided by host organization to selected participants, if needed. You should inform us about this at least three weeks before the start of each mobility.

  • We will reimburse the travel expenses after the end of the mobility, only when all the travel documents presented above are provided.
  • We can only refund travel costs for which original tickets/ invoices/ boarding passes are provided. We strongly recommend you to keep all the original travel documents with you, since we won’t be able to refund them if we don’t receive them.
  • Reimbursement will be made only by bank transfer to the sending organizations, which will distribute the money to participants.
  • Personal car or taxi travel cannot be reimbursed.

The venue, accommodation and meal

Accommodation for the Training Course will be made in Sinaia, a beautiful mountain resort embraced by the Carpathian Mountains. The city is a popular destination for hiking and winter sports, especially downhill skiing. It has astonishing views and plenty of hiking trails. Sinaia is the former summer residence of the Romanian royal family (Peles Castle). Among the tourist landmarks, the most important are Peleș Castle, Sinaia Monastery, Sinaia Casino.

The town is located in the center part of Romania, in the Carpathian mountains, two hours distance from Bucharest. Location here:

Participants will be hosted in rooms for 2 or 3 people, with private bathroom. Participants will share the room with another participant from the same country, only if possible. However, we don't guarantee this! Towels and bedsheets will be provided at the venue.

There is mobile phone signal (everywhere) and Wi-Fi internet connection is available in the venue.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the location. Coffee-breaks will be available during the day. Meals will be standard for all the participants, consisting in Romanian style dishes. Any special requests (e.g. vegetarian, allergies, special diet) must be communicated before in the participant identification form (GoogleSurvey).

What you need to prepare before arrival?

1. Look around for the project topic and get familiar with the areas of critical thinking and correct information. Detailed activities schedule will be made available on the Facebook project page.

2. Fill in the participant identification form here:

3. Book your tickets after you confirm with us by email:

4. Consider your country travelling rules in the context of the pandemic

5. We will organize intercultural evenings, to present your own countries and cultures. You can be creative and funny. Bring with you traditional food, drinks, music and dances from your countries. We count on you to make the intercultural evening as interactive as possible :)

Post-pandemic travel measures to Romania

You may check your country specific conditions for travelling to Romania here:

➢COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted in Romania.

➢Providing proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or negative test results is no longer necessary, and travellers are not subject to quarantine anymore.

However, COVID-19 vaccination is still recommended for selected participants, as it guarantees very easy travel process and predictability.

➢ Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest information about your travelling: If anything changes in the meanwhile, we will

let you know.

➢ During youth exchange we will provide masks and disinfectants for all participants.

Partner Organizations

1. Federação de Associações Juvenis de Braga - Portugal

2. Creant Europa - Spain

3. Associazione di Promozione Sociale Passepartout.up - Italy

4. Greek Odysseuses - Greece

5. Idea for Life - Poland

6. European Integration Group - Turkey

7. Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila - Romania


If you have any inquiries or need support, please contact:

Dragos Drumen


Youth for Sustainable Development Association