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February 5-7 Pre-enrollment Dates

This is your opportunity to guarantee a spot for your child in our classes for the next school year. Should you choose to not participate in the pre-enrollment event, your child will not have a reserved class assignment for the next school year. This year especially there are sections with long wait lists. Don’t risk your child being at the end of the wait list, leverage your earned pre-enrollment opportunity!!

Open enrollment for the local community begins Tuesday February 19, at 9:15 in our gym. Please share this with your friends and family who might be interested.

Be Kind

Kindness is one of the fruits of the spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22. Kindness is a powerful pathway to personal growth. When we practice kindness, attention turns away from us and onto others. One simple act of unexpected kindness can totally change a persons day!

Kindness is an essential learned social skill in today’s complex society. For children, learning to be kind fosters empathy for others when the focus shifts from them to someone else. Children learn by example. The most influential resource in children’s lives are their parents. Make a deliberate point to demonstrate random acts of kindness when you are with your children, perhaps something as simple as paying for someone's coffee or help someone carry their groceries. Let your child witness many different ways of being kind to others- Help your children experience the joy of kindness.

For it is in giving that we receive — Saint Francis of Assisi

Something to think about... A Blessing Bag- another way to demonstrate kindness!

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When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your child’s water bottle? Mold grows easily on plastic drinking bottles when they haven't been properly cleaned and sanitized. RBS teachers have noticed that some of the bottles coming to school with kids do have mold on them. If you are not sure how to properly clean and remove the mold, Google provides many answers.

Here is one I found– excuse the ads. https://www.health.com/fitness/how-to-clean-water-bottle

Our Christmas video will be in soon. Be on the look out in your child's folder!


February 5, 6, & 7 - Butterfly School Pre-enrollment Time! ENVELOPE DUE BACK BY Feb, 7th

February 14th- Happy Valentine's Day

February 19 - Open enrollment in Riverside Gym at 9:15

February 28- T-shirt Day

Chapel Chat -Ms. Chris

Last month we heard Bible stories about obeying . Noah obeyed God and built an Ark and God promised not to flood the earth again with a rainbow. Children made their own arks and colored them in art class. In February we will be hearing Bible stories about being strong and courageous with God's help. Children will be reminded of God's love for them through David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lion's Den. We continue to use songs and activities to bring our bible stories to life! This month's Bible Memory Verse is Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous ".

Musical Moments -Ms.Deborah

Happy February!! Music this month is full of songs about Family, Friends, and Loving One Another.

The Toddlers, 2s, and 3s classes will continue to work on rhythm, tempo, and dynamics through the use of instruments, ribbon sticks, and movement.

The Pre-K classes are learning music note names and how to read them on the staff. We will continue our journey through all of the instruments. This month we will start the brass instruments, Trumpet and French Horn. Our music history portion will finish up the classical music genre in the modern period of Gershwin and Bernstein.

May music fill your hearts with love as we celebrate Valentines Day this month! Thank you for the opportunity to teach your precious children about music.

Amazing Artists at Butterfly School! -Ms. Jennifer

In art class we learned about a new artist Piet Mondrian and his use of primary colors and geometric elements. The Pier Mondrian snowman was one of the examples that the student exhibited his works. In February we will focus on a new artist Jim Dime and his use of heart in his artwork.

Spanish! -Ms.Sandra

This February, i am excited for us to start our shapes, we will have lots of fun learning all of our shapes, also we will be making a fun Valentine's Day craft in Spanish for our parents.

Movement Matters -Ms. Lisa

For the month of February we will be playing Ball Cup. The Ball Cup teaches hand eye coordination. We will also be using our fun Hoop Scarf Streamers. Hoop Scarfs are a fun way to keep everyone moving and active!

Super Sign Language -Ms. Alison

During the month of February we will be learning to sign the song Old Macdonald Had a Farm as well as playing many fun games. We will also be learning different signs about Valentine’s Day.

Sensational Science- Ms. Tracy

In science this month we will be learning how different surface textures effect the distance a marble will roll, chemical reactions while baking and states of matter with water, ice, and steam.

Coding Kids- Ms Susan

This month in coding we’ll be programing our code-a-pillars to reach their destination. We will be making the destinations site words and math skills to reinforce skills from their classrooms.

Riverside Butterfly School Teachers

These are the dedicated and enthusiastic educators that make RBS an absolutely outstanding school for our children! These professionals make a huge positive contribution to the lives of our students everyday. What an absolute blessing they are to our school and to our children.

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Our Butterfly School Teachers are...

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Riverside Butterfly School is a Riverside church ministry. Our school shares space with our church family. We would welcome you to join us for worship on Sundays at 10:15. Hope to see you here!

Pony Tail Club

Pink Heart Funds is a way to help children with hair loss during chemotherapy. Children are able to receive a wig, free of charge, if their family does not have the means to purchase one. You can find out more at the web site www.Pinkheartfunds.org. Pink Heart Funds is not associated with a similar organization; ‘ Locks of Love’. If you have any questions I am happy to visit with you. Peggy


Take a look at our Butterfly School Facebook page. Also look at our Riverside Church of Christ Butterfly School web site for more information on our amazing program.