4th Grade Times

"The secret in education lies in respecting the student."

Language Arts

This week has been one of hard work and great preparation. We finished Theme 12 with a test today. With ISTEP being next week, we will not start up with Theme 13 again until we return next Monday the 17th. There will be no homework assigned to students each night although we encourage students to continue to read for 20 or so minutes in the evening. We also won’t have a spelling test.

As a grade, we started book clubs this afternoon. Students were given 1 of 6 novels to choose from on Thursday. Based on their ranking, we then split groups into manageable sizes. Each group today decided how many pages they would read each night in order to finish in approximately two weeks. Students will be responsible for reading their self-assigned pages (making sure not to read ahead as tempting as it might be) so as to have a great discussion with their group members each day!

All 3rd Grade ISTEP Tests were passed out. Make sure to review missed problems with your kiddo!

A.C.E. and ISTEP

Below is an acronym that students have practiced using the writing part of their Theme tests. As you go over the third grade tests I printed off for them, see if they A.C.E.ed each of the Language Arts questions. Our ISTEP graders want to see responses that restate the question, cite evidence, and fully explain their answers.


Thanks to all of the classroom "gifts" made throughout the last semester. We always seem to run low on certain supplies throughout the year (we're still a little low on pencils and dry erase markers). Thank you to the Hussain family for donating used device chargers for our BYOD initiative and iTech!

ISTEP Testing

ISTEP begins Tuesday morning and goes until Friday (for make-ups). We’ve tried to foster an atmosphere of excitement around this coming week. Students have worked so hard this year and this assessment is one that will display to the world and most importantly to themselves, the extent of their dedication and determination. To prepare for testing, please…

  • Continue to give encouragement for all the work done so far
  • Make sure your kiddo gets a great night’s sleep
  • A hearty breakfast in the morning will give your child the energy he/she needs throughout the 35-100 minute test windows

Famous Hoosier Projects

It’s been so rewarding to see 100 fourth graders, spread throughout the pod and classrooms, highly engaged in independent research. Students are starting to finish up their research and are beginning to move on to typing their papers and creating their first project. Please make sure that the sources they continue to seek out this weekend are summarized in their own words. This strategy is one that our fourth graders will continue to develop throughout their journey as a lifelong learner.

If famous Hoosier sources are starting to run dry, consider the following:

Videos and books from the Carmel Clay Library


Social Studies

Transitioning from Science to Social Studies this week, we have begun Unit 4 on Early Indiana History. In this chapter we will learn how individuals discovered and how events helped form our great state.


In fourth grade math we are pushing right through chapter 9. As a grade, we’ve decided to not assign study links each night. We will continue to teach science and math as normal next week but allow students to complete their study links while in class. They will not have any work then to bring home each night. Expect a math test sometime during the week of March 17th.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I’m really excited to see students do their absolute best next week. Our Rockets are definitely reaching great new heights this year and next week’s test will demonstrate that!