Overcoming Adversities

By: Megan Ciezczak

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up" Vince Lombardi

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the desire to overcome an adversity, never give up, never yield. It is the ability to adhere to an idea and not give up no matter how hard it might be to overcome it. People use perseverance in their everyday life like trying to walk or just get up in the morning. Perseverance is everywhere.

"Carry on" compare and contrast

In Cleveland, Ohio, lies two friends, Leroy and Dartanyon, that have been more like brothers because of their similarities and differences. One way they are different is Leroy had both legs crushed during a railroad track incident. Leroy also had to have them surgically removed when he was 9. Plus, after high school he went to college to study video gaming and later became a father. But, Dartanyon was born legally blind and can only see a couple of feet in front of him. Also, after high school he started training for the paralympics and got in. It took a lot of perseverance and he took bronze in a new sport called Judo. On the other hand, both Leroy and Dartanyon were wrestlers. Dartanyon always carried Leroy to and from his matches. They also didn't really have a family to come home. During the time people were recording their story, Lisa Fenn raised money for them to go to college, which they both originally wanted to go. Lisa Fenn has made a huge impact on their life.Leroy and Dartanyon had to use resilience to become successful and triumph through adversity. They describe it as being apart of a family. Thanks to their persistence and adversities, Leroy and Dartanyon have been able to feel like a family with each other and Lisa.
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Problem and solution

Tom Monaghan faced many problems in his life, but what sets him apart from others is his ability to never give up.
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"Winston Churchill" Sequence

On November 30, 1874 Winston Churchill was born in Marlborough, England. Prior to that in 1899 he became a war correspondent and was shot at and captured during the Boer War in South America. Then, in 1905, the Liberty Party won the National election. He was asked to become the Under-Secretary of State at the Colonial Office. Next, in 1915 Winston was forced out of politics, but still a member of parliament. He worried about his political life was over he fell into depression but learned how to paint. Then, in 1938 the Nazis were coming and he was asked to become the first Lord of the Admiralty. After that, in 1940 Churchill saved Poland and all Europe from the Nazis. Later, in 1953 he wrote multiple books and won many awards such as the Nobel Prize in Literature. In the end, he never yield to a problem 1965 sadly Winston Churchill, fell into a massive stroke then a coma and died. His faced a lot adversities, but he never gave up and used perseverance. He also used the ability to be resilience in order to triumph to the end and achieve his goals.
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Cause and effect

Francisco Bucio lost his fingers and hands but never gave up and became a famous plastic sugary.
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"Lady jags" description

In Huntingdon, Tennessee lies a school called Carroll Academy with a basketball team who has faced multiple adversities. For example, one of their adversities is some of their parents and them were abusing drugs. Drug abuse is very harmful and could be hard to stop. For example one of the girls on the team started smoking marijuana at the age of 8. Another adversity is they had to face mental illnesses. Mental illnesses affects the person and they way people treat them. An adversity such as poverty has affected them. There is a very high poverty level in their town. Another example of an adversity that they had to face was some of the girls had no family. Having no family can be very hard like having no one to support or care for them. Another example is people have giving up on them. Being giving up on can lead into unhappy feelings, actions, or thoughts. Even though they were on a 212 losing day streak, playing basketball has lead them into learning not just basketball, but learning life lessons. They triumph and never yield to try to break the streak. They had the feeling of a family with their basketball team. They may have not actually broke their streak of losing, but they gain perseverance, persistence, and a different perspective on things in a different way.
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What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today's world?

We can learn that people who might have faced any hardship are able to overcoming adversities and not give up. It shows that anyone has the ability to accomplish anything and that everyone should try.