The Tangerine Times

By: Madison B

What's News?

  • The Fishers move to Tangerine because of their fathers work.
  • Paul Fisher attends Lake Windsor Middle School and is in seventh grade.
  • Paul Fisher tries out for the Lake Windsor Middle School soccer team.
  • The Lake Windsor Middle School soccer team has 30 players on it, in which they cannot have everyone play.
  • In the neighborhood that the Fishers live in there is a muck fire that burns forever.
  • The Erik Fisher football dream is taking off with Erik Fisher practicing for many hours.
  • Mike Costello dies because he got hit by lightning.
  • Lake Windsor Middle School has a new student that looked at a lunar eclipse too long so his eyes are “damaged”.
  • Students are calling new student Paul Fisher eclipse boy.
  • In Tangerine county there is a lot of rain.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

There is a family that moved into Tangerine County that has two boys, Erik and Paul, who are such different people. Both kids do a sport but they aren’t the same; Erik does football and Paul does soccer. The two boys have an interest in playing the sport they like in school but they do not go to the same school- Erik goes to Lake Windsor High School and Paul goes to Lake Windsor Middle School. Paul has eye sight problems that came from looking at the sun too long during a lunar eclipse but Erik has good eye sight because he did not look into the sun for a long time. Erik and Paul are different in their own ways which makes them special.

Tragedy Strikes

Mike Costello was a nice, young person. Paul Fisher was getting back home from the supermarket with his mother and saw Erik and Arthur standing there with a sad look on their faces. They told Paul and his mom that Mike had died because he got struck by lightning at practice. Mike got the whole left side of his hair burned off and Mike died before he landed on the ground from flying in the air from the bolt of lightning. It was a tragic loss for everyone Mike knew.

MOYA Close-up

Paul Fisher is a young adolescent that is in seventh grade. Much young adolescents have many issues, for Paul he is trying to fit in being the new student at school and trying to make new friends so he can fit in with everyone. Paul is trying to adjust with moving because when you are around his age you start to move because of many things and he has to get comfortable where he is. When you are young and have a sibling you tend to have many issues so Paul is facing his big brother Erik who wants to be a football player and Erik tried to kill Paul. Young adolescents have many issues and/or problems when growing up.

Come Tryout For The Lake Windsor Middle School Soccer Team

Come tryout for the soccer team! Everyone is welcome to come! Just bring your insurance form signed and a comfortable clothes that you can do soccer in!