Just Vital Oxygen-But With More H

All living things rely on H2O, so conservation is vital!

A project to inform others about water, by David Parada, Cole Sun, Zacharia Beshir, and Arian Tohidi

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Water Usage

People use a lot of water every day. Every American uses about 80-100 gallons of water daily. A European uses about 50 gallons, and an African usually uses about 2-5 gallons.

You can't blame us- we need it. Every time we flush the toilet, it uses 1.6 gallons of water! That's about 8 gallons of water daily. Low-flow showerheads use approximately 2-2.5 gallons a minute, but conventional showerheads can use up about 4 gallons. The average shower lasts about 8.2 minutes, so the average low-flow shower uses about 20 gallons.

California's in a huge drought. But they still use a lot of water- about 360-400 gallons per household. Their water is 50% for environmental use, 40% agricultural use, and 10% urban or residential use.

Water Distribution

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A whopping 97.5% of our water is saltwater, leaving only 2.5% of our water fresh. 2.2% of our water is locked away in ice, leaving only 0.3% of our water to be usable liquid water.

99% of our saltwater is in the ocean. Not too surprising. The small remaining percentage is in lakes and in the ground.

Most of our freshwater, 69.6% to be exact, lies in ice, snow, and permafrost. Some 30.147% is in our groundwater and soil moisture. Rivers, lakes, and swamps make up little of our fresh water. Combined, they add up to about 0.3% of our water, the liquid surface water. The rest of our water is water vapor in our atmosphere.

Our drinking water usually comes from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, since they contain clean freshwater. Desalination, though, has huge potential and may help us convert some of that other water into something we can use.

Water Conservation