Dead Zones

Human Dependence Project







1 and 2. To many nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, the process of eutrophication, and not enough oxygen causes an area to be a dead zone which means no live is sustainable Algal Blooms and hypoxia are also involved in dead zones.

3 The main regions that experience dead zones in North America are the east coast and the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

4 and 5. The most affected wildlife is marine life mammals, fish, and incrustations. Dead zones affect the wildlife by making them unable to live which results in death.

6. This issue doesn't affect our lives in League City but it could affect us if eutrophication increases.

7. Dead zones don't affect humans directly but can affect certain food sources like seafood.

8. Humans and nature combined cause dead zones, by creating extreme levels of nutrients in environments.

9. Solutions for dead zones are to cut down on fertilizing and start to restore the coastal wetlands.

10. Farmers should re locate to an area without large bodies of aquatic life water. However this wouldn't be implemented now because the economy is to low and they can’t just get up and move.