To Wear or Not to Wear?

Maloree Beste & Luke Bielen

Importance of dressing for a job interview.....

... is to show your possible future employer that you are dedicated to the position which you are applying.

Presenting a Professional Image

-make a good first impression

-make the hiring manager "see" you in the position

-it's OK to ask what to wear

-a fairly priced fitting suit can be better than an expensive suit

-don't neglect accessories

-dress the way you want to be seen

-show your knowledge about the company you're applying for

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Business Attire

Men: plain dress shirt with a well fitting suit and dark shoes.

Women: professional top without a deep neckline with a skirt or pants and closed toed shoes and tights.


Men: khakis or dressy slacks and a polo shirt or sweater with nice dress shoes.

Women: combination of skirts and tops with closed toed shoes.