Parenting in Other Countries

Assignment Due Wednesday May 6, 2015


In groups of 2 or 3, you will research and find information about how parenting styles differ in other countries. After you have completed all of your research about 2 different countries parenting styles, you will create a Venn-Diagram poster about the similarities and differences of the parenting styles in both countries (cultures) you researched.

Title of Your Poster: Parenting Similarities and Differences in Country 1 and Country 2

Things that MUST be included on your poster

  • Parenting style most often used
  • Common rules parents may have
  • How parenting is viewed in each country
  • Expectations of the parents
  • 3-5 pictures that fit into the topic of your poster
  • Have 8 similarities of your 2 countries
  • Have 5 differences for each country