Babe Ruth



Born George Herman Ruth Jr.On February 6 1895 in Baltimore.He was a professional baseball player, he played 22 seasons in the MLB. He began his MLB career as a left handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox,but he was known best as a slugging outfielder for the New York Yankees.⚾️


He became one of the best outfielders in the major league,and one of the best sluggers in the MLB. He had many MLB batting records for home runs, runs batted in,bases on balls and slugging percentage. He was one of the first five baseball players entered into the national baseball hall of fame in 1936.

Important Events

He was born on February 6 1895 in Baltimore.He hit 60 home runs in a season.He got into the hall of fame,and had many baseball records. He died of cancer on August 16 1948.

Interesting Facts

1.He was picked by the Boston Redsox as a left handed pitcher.

2.His baseball contract was sold to the New York Yankees on 12/26/1919

3.He went from being a pitcher to an outfielder.

4.He tied and broke the record for home runs in a season.

5.He was offered to be the manager of the minor league Yankees team but turned it down.

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