Picture Project

anferney amram

Two different families from different countires

Answers For Mrs. Wiens -_-

Both of these photos were found on google. I chose these photos, because they were from different countries and had different lifestyles and some similarities.

The Chad picture appears to have a family living in poverty. I think they live in a desert. They have a bag of rice, a gallon of water, and other small rations of food in little bags. It does not look like enough for a family of six. They live in a hut and there aren't any power lines around, so i highly doubt they have cable, internet, or electricity.

On the other hand, the American family has a little too much for a family of four. They have a lot from soda to chips to pizza to candy. They live in a house. There's a fridge and microwave in the background, so I'm pretty sure they have electricity.

The biggest similarities i see is the fact that both families have at least two kids that need to be supported. The biggest differences is the amount of food the families have to support themselves.