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When did Burton come out with their snowboards?

Jake Burton started the company in 1977. The first snowboard Jake sold was called a narrow board. The narrow board had single strap bindings with a rope and handle attached to the nose. Snowboarding was invented in the 1960s but Burton snowboards were made in 1977.

why was snowboarding banned in the 1980s?

Snowboarding was banned at resorts in the 1980s because snowboarding was considered dangerous compared to skiing. In 1983-84, the Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont opened its slopes up to snowboarding which meant this resort allowed people to snowboard!

is snowboarding more dangerous than skiing?

Skiing is actually more dangerous than snowboarding. In 1997, 37,600 people were injured from snowboarding and 84,200 people were injured from skiing. The National Ski Areas Association reports in the 1996-97 season, 4 people were injured from snowboarding and 32 people were injured from skiing. The most common place to get injured by snowboarding is your wrists, shoulders and head.

what was the original name for snowboarding?

The original name for snowboarding was snurfing. They named it this because it was like surfing but in snow.

who are the top 3 canadian snowboarders?

The top 3 Canadian snowboarders are: Tyler Nicholson, Sebastien Toutant and Darcy Sharpe.
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the history of snowboarding

Modern snowboarding began in 1965 when Sherman Poppen, an engineer in Muskegon, Michigan, invented a toy for his daughters by fastening two skis together and attaching a rope to one end so he would have some control as they stood on the board and glided downhill.

the process of making a snowboard

Burton Manufacturing Center: How to Make a Snowboard
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the evolution of snowboarding

olympic snowboarding

Snowboarding first appeared at the 1998 Nagano Games. For the 2006 Games, a new event, snowboard cross has been added. There are six snowboarding events: men's and women's halfpipe, men's and women's parallel giant slalom, and men's and women's snowboard cross. Each run is scored on a scale of 0.1 to 10.0 by a panel of five judges.

the simple steps TO BE A SNOWBOARDER

Put your feet in a shoulder-width snowboarding or skateboard stance. Raise your head so you're looking forward. Relax your shoulders; let your arms dangle loosely. Now, look left or right and turn your head 90° to the left or right.


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