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WEEK of October 25, 2021

Fun Filled Week

We have a fun filled week of activities beginning Monday, October 25th.

Monday, October 25th- Monday Mismatch -wear any mismatched outfit

Tuesday, October 26th-Twin Tuesday -Friends or Teachers dress exactly alike

Wednesday, October 27th-Wacky Wednesday- Silly Socks or Silly Apparel

Thursday, October 28th-Throwback Thursday- Wear any throwback retro clothing

Friday, October 29th- Fun Filled Friday-Wear Any Halloween Costume or Fall Themed Clothing

All district elementary schools will have a Halloween Parade in the morning. Our parade will take place at 9:00AM. We will have an area coned off that our students will parade through on the blacktop. Parents/guardians are welcome to view the parade around our coned perimeter outdoors. Afternoon Kindergarten will parade at 1:00pm.

Weather Permitting! If it is raining, our students will parade within the school building and unfortunately visitors will not be allowed. We are hoping the weather cooperates. As a reminder, our district does have a food and allergy policy and will not be able to distribute any candy/food at the parties.

In regards to costumes, students will need to wear their costumes to school. To ensure your child is comfortable throughout the school day, we highly encourage students to wear costumes that can be easily removed as learning will commence following the Halloween/fall activities in the morning. As previously communicated through our District guidelines, students cannot have costumes that have weapons, blood, violence or items that may frighten younger children. Students will be required to wear their health masks during the day so face make up would not be necessary.

All classes will participate in a classroom party engaging in Halloween activities on Friday, October 29th at 1:30pm. Thank you to our PTA for purchasing mini pumpkins for each student to decorate.

We are aware that some families do not celebrate Halloween or Fall Festivities. If you wish for your child to not participate in the parade or class party, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. Thank you for your continued support! We are so happy to celebrate fall festivities with our students who deserve some extra f

Trunk Or Treat Event at KH

A huge shout out to our PTA for hosting such a fun event! It was so nice to see so many families and teachers attend! Our trunk or treat participants had such creative car set ups! Congratulations to Angie Amelse for winning Funniest Trunk and Anna Maria Burger, Noelle Mueller and Anita Zdzienicka for most creative trunk! Thank you to everyone that participated, donated and attended! I am so proud of our Kimball Hill School Community! We have the BEST students, staff and parents!

Hispanic Heritage Month

The Village of Hoffman Estates and the Cultural Awareness Commission are planning a Fiesta to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Day on Saturday, 10/23, from 2:00-4:30 pm. See attachments if you are available.

Parent Trainings

Please click on the PDF below if you are interested in attending any of the attached trainings. Registration is included.

Kimball Hill Library is hosting a Follett Book eFair!

Supporting a love for reading is critical to student success. Explore our online book fair and help your child find their next favorite book.

Now everyone can participate! Encourage your child to create their online wish list and share with friends and family.


Our eFair code: Z659K

Orders due by: October 29th 2021

Follett will ship your books to the school after our eFair is complete.

¡Nuestra escuela será anfitriona de una Feria!

Apoyar el amor por la lectura es esencial para el éxito de los estudiantes. Explore nuestra feria de libros en línea y ayude a sus hijos a encontrar su siguiente libro favorito.

¡Ahora todos pueden participar! Aliente a sus hijos a crear su lista de deseos en línea y compartirla con amigos y familiares.


Nuestro código de eFeria: Z659K

Pedidos para el: Octubre 29º 2021

Follett enviará las compras en línea a la escuela una vez que la feria haya terminado.

PTA News

You can sign up to be a PTA member through this link: https://kimballhillpta.memberhub.com/store

Please also follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimballHillPta

Please email the khpta1@gmail.com for questions.

News from Nurse Lidia

Just a reminder for all parents, please make sure to keep your child home when they are sick. If they are experiencing any covid-19 like symptoms (new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, vomitting, diarrhea, new loss of senses of taste or smell, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle body aches from unknown cause (not attributed to allergies or pre-exisiting condition), fever over 100.4, new cough or sore throat; they must stay home and contact the Nurse Lidia for next steps at 847-963-5202 or email alemanl@ccsd15.net

Food Pantry

If you are in need of additional assistance, please see attachment below.

Outdoor Recess District Procedures

There have been some questions regarding cold weather procedures for recess. We are hoping to have a few more months of beautiful weather and this to be an FYI. Please see our district-wide outdoor procedures below. If your child is in need of a winter jacket, please send me an email; lacamerm@ccsd15.net

Students generally go outside for recess every day, so they should dress appropriately for the weather. Exceptions are made only when a child brings a doctor's note excusing him/her from outdoor recess.

  • Staff members provide playground supervision. If students are not following behavior expectations, a staff member will address the behavior with the student(s). Based on the behavior, the child may speak to an administrator.
    Cold weather: Indoor recess is determined based on the following guidelines:

    • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is below 0°F, all students will remain inside for the entire lunch hour.

    • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is between 0°-10°F, the preferred procedure is a rotation of 20 minutes for lunch, a 20-minute outdoor recess, and a 20-minute indoor recess. However, at the principal's discretion, students may be kept inside for the entire lunch hour.

    • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is above 10°F, students will have regular outdoor recess.

  • Warm weather: Students will be outside for recess/PE if the temperature (or heat index) is below 100 degrees. Students will be inside for recess/PE if the temperature (or heat index) is 100 degrees or above.
    Other considerations in which indoor recess is allowed include the condition of the playground and the presence of precipitation.

En espanol Recess

Los estudiantes generalmente salen al recreo todos los días, por lo que deben vestirse adecuadamente por el clima. Solo se hacen excepciones cuando un niño/a trae una nota del médico que lo excusa del recreo al aire libre.

Los miembros del personal proporcionan supervisión en el patio de recreo. Si los estudiantes no siguen las expectativas de comportamiento, un miembro del personal abordará el comportamiento con el/los estudiante/s. Según el comportamiento, el niño/a será enviado a hablar con un administrador.

Clima frío: El recreo interior se determina según las siguientes pautas:

  • Si la temperatura exterior, junto con la sensación térmica, es inferior a 0°F, todos los estudiantes permanecerán adentro durante toda la hora del almuerzo.

  • Si la temperatura exterior, junto con la sensación térmica, está entre 0°-10° F, el procedimiento preferido es una rotación de 20 minutos para el almuerzo, un recreo al aire libre de 20 minutos y un recreo interior de 20 minutos. Sin embargo, a discreción del director, los estudiantes pueden permanecer adentro durante toda la hora del almuerzo.

  • Si la temperatura exterior, junto con la sensación térmica, es superior a 10°F, los estudiantes tendrán un recreo regular al aire libre.

Tiempo de calor: Los estudiantes estarán afuera para el recreo/PE si la temperatura (o el índice de calor) es inferior a 100 grados. Los estudiantes estarán adentro para el recreo/PE si la temperatura (o el índice de calor) es de 100 grados o más.

Otras consideraciones en las que se permite el recreo interior incluyen la condición del patio de recreo y la presencia de precipitaciones.

Para el recreo en interiores, los estudiantes son supervisados ​​en sus aulas.

  • oor recess, students are supervised in their classrooms.

Dates to Remember

  • October 25-29th Spirit Week
  • October 28th- Monthly Cougar Rally
  • October 21st/22nd- School Store Visit
  • October 29th- Halloween Parade 9:00am for Pre-K-6th; PM Kindergarten ONLY 1:00pm
  • November 11th- Picture Retakes

District 15 Helpline Available

Do you need help and are not sure who to contact? Do you have concerns or worries about yourself or others? The District 15 helpline is only a call or text away Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Our student services staff are available during these stressful times. Call or text:

English: 847-460-2099

Spanish: 847-460-2129

Calls or texts received outside of these hours will be answered the following workday. You can reach out about multiple topics, including but not limited to:

  • Social or emotional concerns;

  • Resources such as food, housing and transportation; or

  • Ideas on how to support your child

School Hours

School Hours: 8:45am-3:25pm

Morning Kindergarten: 8:45am-11:20am, Fridays: 8:45am-10:55am

Fridays: 8:45am-2:35pm

Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:50-3:25pm, Fridays: 12:25pm-2:35pm

Contact the Principal

Michelle LaCamera

Kimball Hill School

2905 Meadows Dr.

Rolling Meadows, 60008



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