Overiew of Holocaust

The holocaust was a period when the Germans were outraged with the Jews. Hitler(1889-1945) was a politician and was over the holocaust during world war II(1939-1945).

Definition/Background Information

SS-(schutzswaffel) was a police force in Germany that grew under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler(1900-1945), and Adolf Hitler(1889-1945).

Original Research Question

Why did the SS kill the Jews? When Hitler was in charge he put a friend of his over the SS, but because the soldiers had respect for Hitler so the y did whatever Heinrich said.

I did not volunteer for the Waffen SS, but was, as were thousands of my year group, conscripted. I did not then know as a 17-year-old that it was a criminal unit. I thought it was an Elite unit.

-Gunter Grass, A SS Conscript


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