November 3, 2017

Future Ready Librarians

In anticipation of our Regional Meeting with Shannon McClintock Miller, here are some links to resources you might find helpful and informative:

Future Ready Librarians - Overview and additional resources

Are You a Future Ready Librarian? Knowledge Quest article

Launching Future Ready Librarians - Joyce Valenza (SLJ)

Future Ready Fact Sheet

Future Ready Goals - Template and Ideas

Future Ready Framework - Breaks down the "gears"



Tedx (9 minutes) - Changing the Conversation About Librarians (Consider inside and outside 4 walls and how to prove yourself indispensable)

And, of course, Shannon Miller's blog!


Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs is an independent bookstore that now has a State Contract for purchases for librarians and teachers in the WSWHE BOCES network. You can now order books for library and classroom at 20% off. Contact J’aimé to get the NY State Contract Vendor #.

Database Vendors - School Visits

Remember, for most of your database vendors, School Library Systems has a contract that guarantees the lowest prices in New York state. When vendors come to you to encourage you to purchase a new product, please make sure you contact us to so you get the best pricing! Plus, by purchasing through us, your district gets aid on it. Win-WIn!

Hour of Code December 4 - 10, 2017

Join the fun!! The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 45 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

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Cool Tools for Schools

It isn't too late to join Cool Tools for Schools for CTLE credit for 22017-2018! Contact J’aimé

for registration information.

For those who want to peruse, and do a couple of "Things" but don't want or need credit, please note that Cool Tools has been moved to a new website:


Just a reminder - when posting on one of our WSWHE SLS listservs, keep the "audience" in mind. We have 3 different listservs for specific purposes:

Library-Talk listserv is for our broadest audience, and members include school librarians (current and retirees), library staff, school and district administrators, other WSWHE staff. We do NOT let vendors on this site; but almost everyone else is fair game. This is a good place to post general questions or to highlight an accomplishment of one of our own - or any other number of things you think others might have knowledge about, or be interested in.

OPALS listserv is for OPALS related issues - reporting problems with access (slow) or databases not working, or asking questions that others may help with (using OPALS as your web page, using OPALS for student reviews). If your post is specifically about OPALS, please use this listserv rather than Library-Talk or Librarians as there are others on those who don't use OPALS.

Librarians listserv is for WSWHE SLS school librarians (and our SLS staff) only. Posts here are things that would pertain to librarians such as updates on Common Core, registration information for library conferences, IFC or curriculum information. This also a "safer" environment to ask questions knowing there aren't district or building administrators on here (such as how to handle book challenges or if others allow students to have food in the library).

And remember, you can always contact one of us directly, or email the SLS staff at the same time using libraryservices email.

Contact Us

J’aimé Pfeiffer - SLS Director

Sharon Hinkle - Catalog & ILL Librarian

Karin Howansky - PD (OPALS, Technology) School Library Media Specialist

Deb Massa - PD Journals & Books, ILL Claims, Conferences & Workshops

Marcia Miller - Databases, Purchases, CCD

The best way to reach SLS is through our libraryservices email!