From Rags to Riches

Pranav D. Writing Period 7 Barbaric

A Little Bubble

Wilmette and the North Shore, and even America to a certain extent, are like a little bubble. We are separated from the real world, and even though stories are always heard of the "crazy things" that happen in the world, there is still a disconnect. The stories never really do touch us close to home. We don't often get to really get a good look at the raw, dirty world we live in. I invite you to take a look at an interview I conducted with my grandfather, Dr. S.R. Doradla, P.H.D, and to listen to some highlights of his very interesting life. He grew up in a small, poor village near Guntur, India, and had to struggle through several obstacles. When he was a mere infant, his mother passed away. As a result, he grew up with no female figure in his life. Even with several obstacles, he made his way to teaching electric engineering at IIT Kanpur, which was one of the top five schools in India at the time. Please spend some time listening to him sharing some memories and insights. Thank you!

-Pranav A. Doradla.

Thoughts From A Student

I have written a diary entry from a "make-believe" student Dr. Doradla taught to illustrate what others thought of my grandfather. It is below.

Today I graduated from IIT Kanpur and received my diploma in electrical engineering. College was fun. If there was one thing I'll miss about college, it would be my professor, Dr. Seshagiri Rao Doradla. Dr. Doradla is a very unique man. For example, he is always on time. Everyone knows him for his punctuality. Every single day, he would be prepared in his desk, waiting for his students. If a student wanted to meet with him for something, he would always be ready for them ten minutes earlier. He had a set schedule for everything, and would never fall off the schedule. He was also very disciplined. Every day, the rumor was that he would wake up at 5:30 A.M. sharp and go on a walk. He led a healthy lifestyle, and always stayed disciplined and on track with his values. He was a hard worker, and was known for his brilliant work ethic. He always worked very hard to ensure that every student was accomplishing their goals, and put in lots of effort towards the success of his students. He was a great teacher and was very inspirational. We all learned a lot from him, and not just about electrical engineering.