My dream science job

The job of a diver

       A diver is a certified scuba diver who does a varity of jobs underwater. The divers jobs are to film underwater documentarys on the wildlife of the sea, finding and dicovering ship wrecks, and treasure. The best part about being a diver is they get to tavel all around the world to different parts of the ocean. They also help the society, because they are like the navy and protectors of the sea.  

The backround life of a diver

the stages

            Education: They need a high school diploma, to be fit, healthy,have a certification in diving and, be prepared for a diaster to be calm.   Personality: They have to have a foundness for phsyical activity and adventure, and the ability to stay calm and collected in stressful conditions.  Annual Salary: $45,230 average wageProtected   Job Growth: faster than average ( 14% to 20%)  Companies that Hire: Aqueos, Oceaneering international inc., United States Navy
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