Team Results for AUGUST 2012

Our Team Rocks!!! So proud of what you all did this month!

Total Team Sales $18,772.31

Those who made it happen: Highest Sales

10 - Kelli Tapley $206

9 - Mary Aden $281

8 - Lindy Turnbull $620

7 - Allison Inman $1,041

6 - Michelle Lin $1,086

5 - Danna Butterfield $1,291

4 - Robin Plott $1,514

TOP 3 in Sales

Big Welcome to Our New Stylists!

Jennifer Birdsbill

Kiersten Ahlm

Tina Lane

Ann Driver

Top in Sponsorship


Fall Look Books will remain the same. We will receive a holiday capsule mini book similar to the Charm book for the new holiday line on or around Oct 1st! Save up your business supply credits to get a pack!

Be sure to register for the Fire up Your Fall event in Atlanta! I have 2 rooms reserved for our team. One room is filled and there is space for 4 in the second room. Email me if you are interested in rooming with someone!

You should have received your new debit/pay portal card from HO. Make sure to activate your card through the stylist lounge link.

Check out all the training, webinars and calls via stylist lounge going on this month to help with booking, sponsoring and building your business going into fall.

Don't forget the hostess special (free wristlet), sponsoring special (extra $100 in samples for your new stylist and for YOU) for September! I know I want as many product credits as possible for the new holiday line. Check out sneak peek below!

Big image


If you guys share this pic or show it to anyone, I will be in SO MUCH trouble. I was dying to give you a sneak peek of a few goodies coming down the pipe for October 1st holiday collection with the hopes you all will book, book, book to earn product credits!!!! You will be blown away! PLEASE DO NOT SHARE as this has not been released to any other teams yet!

Who Wants a new piece from the Holiday Line?

Attend a September Monthly meeting near you to enter for a chance to win this gorgeous new bracelet! If you can't attend a meeting but still want to win the bracelet, hit 1,000 PCV by Sept 20th, and the bracelet is yours from me! Good Luck!!!

As always, contact me if you guys need anything at all!