Trivia night on WW1! Tomorrow night

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The causes of WW1

There was a king named arduke Franz Ferdinand that ruled Austria. A 19 year old Serbian boy from a nationalist group in serbia shot Franz , his dutchess and wife. After this , Austria declared war or Serbia. The war became so large because all the Aliances got involved, hence the term the "great war".

The Australian involvement in the War and the significant battles we were in.

Australians went to War because of their Alliances. Australia went to Gallipoli in 1915, April 25th. This is a significant battle for us because we lost so many brave men and it was a very terrible war. We fought on the front line and in trench warfare. We also fought on the Western front. This went from 1914-1918.

How did the Great War impact the Australians at home?

Australians at home had to change there ways , many women and children had to take over a lot of mens jobs plus their own. The economy was struggling and the properganda was not working so they inroduced conscription. Conscription was dividing Australia as everyone had mixed opinions and it was a very relevant topic.

The significants of ANZAC day for Australians

ANZAC day is very significant to Australians. It is a way that we pay our respects to all the brave people who went and fought in the war. We wear poppies as those were the flowers that grew on the battle field and have a moment of silence. Australia is known for our brave men and it is important to remember them.

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The more you know about the war and the significants of ANZAC day the more points you will win!