Alex Harvey

Cross-Country Skiing

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This S'more is all about Alex Harvey. He is a cross-country skier.

Alex Harvey's Life

Alex Harvey was born in Quebec, Quebec. He Lived in St-Farreol, Quebec. He is born on September, 7th, 1988. He wieghs 75kg (165 pounds). Alex Harvey is 25 years old. Alex Harvey was introduced to cross-country skiing when he was just three years old! Alex's dad Pierre Harvey was actually a legend in skiing. Alex has two sisters named Sophie and Laurence. His dad's name is Pierre and his mom's name is Mireille. Alex is a part-time student in Laval University.

Interesting Facts About Alex Harvey

Alex Harvey was in the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver. His most recent challenge was podium. Alex Harvey has also got the title of best male Canadian cross-country skier. Alex likes to watch movies, listen to music, and drink coffee. He also likes to bike and of course ski. He also likes to hang out with his friends.

Some Pictures of Alex Harvey

I think Alex Harvey is good at cross-country skiing

Goals That Alex Harvey Have

Alex wants to be in Sochi, Russia to compete in the 2014 winter Olympics. Now he is in the 2014 Olympics so that means his goal came true.


Alex Harvey is a good skier. He is exited to compete in Sochi.
Skiing to Sochi with Alex Harvey