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Bear River Shoot Results

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D Winners

Kort Casperson was on fire at the Bear River Shoot! He was the overall 1D winner with Tyler Johnson as the 1D reserve winner. Rick Johnson was the 2D winner with Kevin Koyle as the reserve winner. Faythe Yarbrough won the 3D division with Frank Young as reserve. JD Casperson took first in the 4D division with Karmel Clay as the reserve winner! Thank you to the amazing sponsors for the fabulous buckles and prizes these talented shooters won!

Showdown Winners:

1D - JD Casperson 2D - Frank Young 3D - Kevin Koyle 4D - JD Casperson

Main Match Winners

The UMT Bear River Shoot was an USMS shoot which features the 4D format. The winners in each stage were:

Main Match:

Stage 1: 1D - Kort Casperson on Gunny Ringo, Tyler Johnson on Kimber JD Casperson on Ellie 2D - Kevin Koyle on Mia, Sami Jo Worley on Josie, and Arlie Stevenson. 3D - Kevin Koyle on Ranger, Faythe Yarbrough on Waco, and Jeremy Graizer on Yukon. 4D Londyn McKnight on Blu, Jotham Hatch on Dante, and Karmel Clay on Smoke

Stage 2: 1D - Tyler Johnson on Kimber, Kort Casperson on Gunny Ringo, Trey Casperson on Texie. 2D - Kevin Koyle on Mia, Rick Johnson on Oscar, Tad Jolley on Jewles. 3D - Londyn McKnight on Blu, Frank Young on Joe, Faythe Yarbrough on Waco. 4D - Corbin Davis on Cowboy, JD Casperson on Mollie and Jeremy Graizer on Yukon.

Stage 3: 1D - Kort Casperson on Gunny Ringo. Jen Jolley on Mecom, and Tyler Johnson on Kimber. 2D - Corbin Davis on Cowboy, Rick Johnson on Oscar, Londyn McKnight on Blu. 3D - Lisa Grimsley on Tobias James, Arlie Stevenson on Gator, Frank Young on Joe. 4D - River Webb on Zeba, Kim Worley on Gia, Jeremy Graizer on Yukon.

Stage 4: 1D - Kort Casperson on Gunny Ringo, JD Casperson on Ellie, Kevin Thacker on Dillon. 2D - Rick Johnson on Oscar, Sami Jo Worley on Josie, Tim Worley on JP, 3D - Londyn McKnight on Blu, Steve Flint on Cream Soda, Jamie Webb on Ranger, 4D - JD Casperson on Mollie, River Webb on Zeba, and Casey Call on LMP River Driftwood.


Stage 1: 1D - Kort Casperson on Gunny Ringo and JD Casperson on Sami. 2D - Trey Casperson on Sophie and Steven Flint on Cream Soda

Stage 2: 1D - Kort Casperson on Gunny Ringo and JD Casperson on Sami. 2D - Trey Casperson on Sophie and Corbin Davis on Cowboy


Stage 1: 1D - JD Casperson on Sami 2D - Tim Worley on JP

Stage 2: 1D - Tad Jolley on Jewles 2D - Casey Call on LMP River Driftwood

Buckaroo Winners

The Bear River Shoot had a great turn out of Buckaroo riders! Our Buckaroo winners were:

Junior Buckaroos: Case Casperson, Bayler Brgoch, Justin Armstrong, Oakley Webb.

Senior Buckaroos: Jocelyn Armstrong and Judd Casperson.

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Can't Buck Me Off Award!

Try as they might, Toast and Waco could not dump Londyn McKnight or Faythe Yarbrough! For the extra entertainment they gave the crowd, these two won saddle blankets! Ride "Em cowgirls!
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Meet Frank Young & Rhonda Dimmick

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Meet the member’s Frank Young and Rhonda Dimmick! They are the luckiest shooters to be able to spend 6 summer months in the gorgeous Dry Fork Canyon in Vernal, Utah and 6 winter months in warm Phoenix, Arizona where they had 13 weekends in a row of shooting competitions this past year!

Rhonda grew up in Longmont, CO competing in Little Britches, High School and College rodeos in all events including barrels, pole bending, breakaway and team roping with her sister. After graduating from Colo State Univ, she had the opportunity to move to Phoenix to work for Farnam Companies, who make horse health products, and has been there for 36 years now! After moving to Phoenix, she continued to barrel race in local jackpots and rodeos. Rhonda has a 36 year old daughter in Phoenix with two 8 year old grand twins that are the light of her life! She also has a 28 year old son in Phoenix.

Frank grew up in Vernal, UT and has always been a competitor. He played competitive softball and his team won 18 out of 20 years in their league, and 2 state championships. At age 40 he decided to start team penning, where he won 7 national finals titles and was named to the Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championship Hall of Fame last summer. Then at age 60, he decided to try the sport of mounted shooting and has traveled all over the country! Nowadays he enjoys trail riding as much as shooting. He has 1 daughter with 3 granddaughters who all own and ride horses and barrel race in the Vernal area. He also has a son with 4 daughters in Vernal. Frank owns a commercial painting business, Young Brothers Painting.

Frank and Rhonda met in Feb 2019 at Horseshoe Park Equestrian Center in Queen Creek, AZ. Rhonda was competing in a barrel race while Frank was there at the AZ Southwest Regional's shoot. Both events shared the same warm-up arena, and after chatting, they discovered Frank spent his winters as a snowbird just a couple miles from Rhonda’s house. All it took was a Mexican dinner and margaritas the next week in Desert Hills and Rhonda was hooked on this shooter! The unfortunate part about dating a snowbird, is that they eventually have to return home, and 2 months later Frank returned to Utah. Long distance relationships are difficult, but Rhonda flew to visit in Sept and fell in love with his little corner of the world, the gorgeous rock formations and trail rides in Utah. You’ve all probably seen Frank’s trail ride pictures on Facebook and they are amazing! Everyone is welcome to come ride with them anytime!

While Frank was back in AZ for winter 2020, Rhonda borrowed his pistols, holster and horse and tried shooting. It was a whole lot more difficult than she every imagined! Thanks to help from Frank, Cathy & Don Litvak, and Dan Byrd, she got her own equipment and joined CMSA in May 2020. In 1 year she moved from SL1 to current status of SL3!

Covid 2020 was a very hard time for most everyone, but it was a blessing for Rhonda, as the Farnam office in Phoenix closed in March , and she loaded up 2 horses and 2 dogs and headed to Vernal and was able to work remotely from Frank’s house. By Oct, the UT weather was a little too chilly and they headed back to AZ where they live in Desert Hills, very close to Larkyn Arena in New River and Ben Avery Arena. AZ is definitely the place to be for warm weather and lots of shooting! May 1st they happily left the heat and again headed for cooler weather in Utah, where they will stay until October.

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Utah's Mounted Thunder Fundraiser

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Congratulations Michael Burbank!

He bought the winning raffle ticket and won the Ar Ruger R-556 223 Rem. Thanks for supporting our club Michael! Hope you enjoy your new gun!
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2021 Upcoming Events

July 28-31st ~CMSA Western Championship Vegas, NV

Aug. 6-8th ~ CMSA Big Sky Round Up, Yellowstone

Aug. 14th ~ USMS Wild Basin Rodeo Duchesne, UT

Aug. 27-28th ~ CMSA Star Valley Shoot, Afton WY

Sept. 18th - Tremonton - USMS

Sept. 25-26th ~ CMSA Runnin' and Gunnin' Rock Springs, WY

Oct. 12-16th ~ CMSA Worlds

Oct. 21-23rd ~ USMS Worlds

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