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The following is a brief newsletter detailing the categorisation of skills valued by employers,

explaining there definition, exact worth within a specific profession and there general application to the work place.

Types of Skill

There are a variety of skills that are applicable to professions and desirable to employers. They can be simply categorised into one of the three following groups:

Specific skills often also referred to as technical job skills are defined as the talents, abilities or expertise a person may possess to perform a specific task or certain job. They are acquired through learning and practise. Such as network administration, they are not innate abilities.

General skills similar to specific skills are not inherent and are instead developed through training and education although they are not limited to a specific profession and are instead applicable to a variety of positions and industries. Such as organisational skills or customer service.

Soft skills is the term used to describe the personal attributes and characteristics of an individual. Personality traits Unlike specific attributes which describe a person's technical skill set and are predominately career specific, soft skills are broadly applicable across a variety of jobs and industries.

Web Designer The Realbuzz Group Ltd - Liverpool

As a Web Designer, you’ll be responsible for producing innovative designs including online advertising and email campaigns.

Do you have what it takes?

Specific Attribute Requried

-An in-depth technical knowledge and expert understanding of web programming and scripting languages. Such as HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL or JavaScript. As these are the tools that will be necessary in order to produce and design the bespoke websites that our business provides to clients.

-Able to prepare a design plan, showcasing site infrastructure and how each individual web page is interconnected and linked together. As well detailing the exact specifications of a site such as width (700px) or colour (#ffffff). These are required documents in order to establish a clear understanding of what exactly is to be produced for yourself as well as others such as clients or colleagues.

-A firm understanding of legislation and guidelines for website accessibility. The work that you produce needs to coincide and abide by these rules. Maximising accessibility for all users, otherwise you risk being accused of things such as disability discrimination.

-Ability to create responsive design websites. Due to the sheer variety of different devices and screen sizes being used. Any webpages created need to automatically adjust to the users device and reposition elements according.

-Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a knowledge of the factors that affect a site's ranking in search engines. A useful skill and service that we offer our clients, as it makes the site when published more accessible and increases traffic.

General Attribute Requried

-Planning/Organisational skills, it is essential that you are able to produce and work within appropriately scheduling deadlines for the production of reports, designs and webpages. Clients are paying customers, they are expecting and entitled to receive a final product that has been produced within the previously assured time frame.

- Problem Solving, during the entirety of the design and development process you are undoubtedly going to encounter issues. Furthermore before the final product is made available to the public the entire product must be searched to ensure there aren’t any bugs.

-Team Work, you will regularly and routinely work in conjuncture with others on a multitude of projects. In order to ensure you work efficiently and effectively together producing quality content.

-Customer service, you should be able to comfortably and confidently interact with clients. Ensuring the website you produce will be tailored to your customer’s exact

specifications, as they are paying you to produce their website. You should also update

them routinely about the design and development process.

-Presentation skills, often you will be required to demonstrate and showcase your work to others. In order to provide current customers with updates and promote our organisations services.

Attitude or Soft Skills Required

-Communication skills, the ability to confidently and comfortably engage and interact with customers and colleagues.

-Listening, necessary both in the context of being able to take instructions from management, operate effectively within a team and ensure that the webpage that you are producing is actually to the clients specifications.

-Creativity, is an essential requirements as the job requires you to design and develop innovative and attractive websites suited to specific clients.

-Attention to detail, a methodical and logical approach to work to ensure the webpages that you create are properly structured and the code creating the sites and its functions are in working order.

-Project management, as you'll be simultaneously working on and managing multiple projects for different clients it is essential to remain organised throughout.

IT Support Technician Carpenters Solicitors - Liverpool

Due to continued growth within our organisation we are currently recruiting for additional support within our IT department.

The position will entail offering technical assistance to both customers and clients alike.

Whilst simultaneously monitoring and maintaining in-house systems.

Do you have what it takes?

Specific Attributes Requried

-Thorough knowledge of operating systems, networks, software and hardware. Especially any specific or unique to the company, such as accountancy software that the finance department may use. As you will be responsible for the maintenance, update and use of these things.

-Knowledge and experience of working with ITIL processes and procedures. As the technician would have an active part within this IT service management, optimising it for company use.

-Knowledge/previous experience of networked printing solutions and printer maintenance. The employee would be responsible for the condition of these machines, assuring every employee is granted appropriate access to the printing network and that the machine itself is in running order. Replacing ink cartridges, fixing paper jams or troubleshooting connection issues.

-Basic SQL Server administration, simply managing, maintaining and updating the existing company server. As well as updating database information.

-Understanding of DNS and DNS record types as these are used within the company and the employee will be responsible for solving any issues that may arise or even explaining to others exactly what this even is.

-Knowledge of the company specific privacy and data protection policies. As you will be handling sensitive business and employees personal information. The security of this information is paramount.

General Attributes Requried

-Time management, able to establish and perform within appropriate deadlines. Working efficiently is imperative, ensuring that the company and its employees can continue to work effectively without being delayed by prolonged problems. Such as not having access to the company's shared network.

-Communication skills. Robust communication skills are essential to the role. As you will be interacting and offering support to both staff and customers alike. It is integral that you are understandable (using a calm and relaxed tone), use the appropriate language and offer a solution/answer or the promise of further action. If you are unable to do so you would consequently be providing poor service, which will impact negatively upon the business.

-Team working, you may have to help solve an issue for an entire group of people. Or educate a department in the use of a new piece of software. Not to mention work in conjuncture with other technicians within the company and possibly even others subcontracted for further assistance in a specific issue. Such as for example bringing in a

specialist to resolve technical issues with printers.

-Customer service, as previously established within the position you would be expected to offer technical assistance to both clients and customers alike.

-Adhoc office duties. In some instances when necessary you may have to perform simple jobs such as filing or processing.

Attitude or Soft Skills Required

-Possess excellent problem solving skills. You must be able to adapt to a variety of situations as the nature of your work will be finding solutions and offering efficient results to a multitude of issues.

-Excel at both written and verbal communication. As you will be responsible for transferring and communicating a considerable of information to an array of departments, co-workers and clients. In multiple mediums such as telephone calls or emails it is imperative that you are able to communicate this information effectively. As otherwise it will impact the progress of the business.

-Attention to detail, in many cases you may have to adopt a methodical work ethic in order to determine the origin and solution to an issue.

-Patience, due to the sometimes difficult nature of the work, troubleshooting certain issues it is essential you remain level headed throughout assuring the validity and efficiency of your work. The same may apply when you attempt to explain certain concepts or provide instructions to individuals with little to no technical IT knowledge. You must remain composed and understanding.

-Approachable, friendly, charismatic. This is essential as people will be constantly coming to you requiring assistance. Especially in the instance of customers as you are a direct representative of the business and your behaviour will impact their perception of ourselves.

-Basic knowledge Health and Safety awareness, you must possess the standard education of office health and safety to ensure you are not imposing a potential health risk upon yourself or anyone else within the work place.