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Timberwilde Counseling Department April 2020

"Its All in the Mind"

When you know what's happening in your head or the things around you and you don't get carried away by it like getting angry, or frustrated but rather you just respond in a calm wise manner, you are being mindful. Mindfulness can help us regulate our emotions, decrease stress and anxiety, and make better decisions. In this newsletter you will find several different ways to help you, your children and your entire family manage your mind!
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Where Do Professional Counselors Work?

Counselors work in a variety of settings and provide to support to people of all ages!

  • LPCs and LMFTs in private practice
  • Professional school counselors at elementary and secondary schools
  • Counselors on college campuses
  • Counselors who work in Criminal justice settings; at community mental health centers, hospitals, nursing homes and managed care facilities

If you need to reach your Professional School Counselor please contact her through this link:

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Are you wondering how your counselors at Timberwilde practice mindfulness? Well, let us tell you...

Mrs. Styer and Mrs. Richmond’s Mindful Moments

  • Every morning when I wake up I read my bible!(That gets me focused for my day.)S

  • I listen to relaxation meditation music while I work (just like at school)S

  • I give a BIG hug to my husband everyday and my dog Shelby gets a “Good Morning” pat on the head from me as well(hugs make me feel good)S

  • I cuddle up with my favorite blanket and watch at least (1) show about the outdoors usually Alaska(This takes my mind somewhere else.S

  • I talk to at least (1) person per day that is going to make me laugh or join me in a laugh.S

  • I love to curl up with my favorite blanket and watch a comedy movie; laughter is the best medicine.R

  • Going for a walk around my neighborhood puts a smile on my face.R

  • Trying something I have never done before like a new recipe makes me feel accomplished.R

  • Giving my dog cuddles when I feel sad puts me at ease.R

  • Spending quality time with my 3 children and husband are my safe and happy place.R

Practicing Mindfulness with GoNoodle

Many of you are aware of the Go Noodle App and the hours of fun that it can provide for students and family's alike. Here is a great mindfulness activity to check out together!

The books below are books that counselors read during classroom guidance to help students develop a Growth Mindset. You can access them as read-alouds on Youtube!

Mrs. Styer and Mrs. Richmond Timberwilde Elementary Counselors

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