Union Park School Special Edition!

August 2, 2021 Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Please Review the Union Park Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Important Information!

Happy First Day of School, Toro Families!

As we have had so many new families join us over the past couple of months, we thought we should send another friendly reminder out to everyone regarding our drop-off and pick-up procedures. Thank you so much to all of our returning families for your extra patience this week. We are confident things will get pretty smooth by the end of the week! Please click on the picture to watch a quick video that explains how we do this safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Once we get rolling, gates will close at 8:15 sharp so that we can begin instruction. All late students will enter the front office for a late pass. The faster we can get all of our parents following the proper procedures, the faster we can begin learning!


  • Please pull as far up in line (to the end of the gym) as you can in order to drop-off
  • Please have masks (if applicable), lunches/water in hand, and backpack ready by the time you reach the front of the school.
  • Please have your children open their doors and hop out once you are stopped in the drop-off area.
  • Once you have dropped-off or picked-up your children, you may cautiously drive around others and head out.
  • Please do not exit your cars. It holds-up the line.
  • Do not drop students off in the bus drop-off area.
  • Please do not make a U-Turn in the crosswalk intersection


  • During Pick-Up, please allow kindergarten parents to be in front, as they are first to pick their children up at 2:50pm.
  • Please do not block the preschool pick-up area, as their pick-up time is at 2:50pm.
  • Please do not exit your cars. It holds up the line.
  • Please pull as far up in line as you can in order to pick-up


  • Please use the crosswalk in front of the school.
  • Please say your good-byes/hellos before/after your child crosses onto/away from campus.


Please consider having your children take the bus to and from school if the bus stop is in your neighborhood. Seats are assigned for siblings to sit together and masks are required per federal law. The link above will take you to the DVUSD T.O.M. website for more information.

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