by: Austin Breunig

History of Alcohol

Alcohol has been around for a LONG time even since the Egyptian period there was alcohol. Alcohol has been in religions some cultures had a wine god and some culture for popularity, you had to drink alcohol. Many cultures did discover the risk of alcohol such as the Greek when they gave warnings of alcohol's effects on a person.

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How Alcohol is used?

Alcohol is actually used in many ways. Most people drink it like beer and liqueur. Some people eat it like putting it in break this is also popular in party's. You can take alcohol pills. Finally you can also have an Insertion.

Street names the types of alcohol.

There are many names and types of alcohol, and I am sure that you have heard of, if not all, some of these names.

1.) Beer

2.) Cider

3.) Wine

4.) Tequila

5.) Rum

6.) Brandy

7.) Gin

8.) Whiskey

9.) Vodka

10.) Liqueur

What are some short term effects of alcohol use?

1.) Breathing difficulty

2.) Anomia which means loss of blood cells.

3.) Blackouts when you can't remember anything that had happened.

4.) Coma

5.) Distorted vision and/or hearing

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What are some long term effects of alcohol use?

1.) Unintentional injury such as car crashes, drowning and terrible accidents.

2.) Cancer in your mouth or throat area

3.) Liver disease

4.) Nerve damage

5.) Alcohol poisoning
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Here are some facts about alcohol.

1.) In 2007 the death rate of teenage driving under the influence caused 1,393 deaths of teens.

2.) Being under the influence and driving gives you an 11 times bigger risk of getting in an accident then when you are sober.

3.) When you are dependent on alcohol you lose control of being able to limit the amount of alcohol you want to consume.

4.) In England 2005 there was 6,570 deaths related to alcohol and in 2006 it rose to 8,758 deaths.

5.) When you are under the influence you have a greater chance of taking risks that you wouldn't take when sober.
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