Tropical Rain Forests!!

By: Lillie Myles

What are the biotic and abiotic factors of a tropical rain forest?

The combination of heat makes the tropical rain forest a perfect environment for the 15 million species of plants and animals!! Biotic factors for a tropical rain forest are bamboo and rubber trees which are big biotic factors in a tropical rain forest. Sloths, anteaters, poison dart frogs, and lemurs are also biotic factors.

Abiotic factors of a tropical rain forest include, soil, rocks, light, and the climate.

Where are tropical rain forests located?

Tropical Rain forests are located on the the equator. Some tropical rain forests are located in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands!! Rain forests that are temperate are located in temperate areas. 18% of earths tropical rain forests are located in West Africa.

What is the climate like in a tropical rain forest?

The climate in a tropical rain forest is very humid because of the rainfall. There is about 250 centimeters of rainfall per year!! A rain forest is very hot and wet. The rain almost never reaches the ground. This happens because the leaves on the trees act as a shield.

How do people use the land in a Tropical Rain Forest?

Rain forests are being swept away by bulldozers and fires. This is happening because people use its timber and then the land is used for farming and ranching. Rain forests once covered 14% of earths land! Now they only cover 6% of our earths land!!