Tasks for Success

How to Launch Your Business and "Soar to Success" - Week 3

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Day 15 - Connect with Tami

It is time to get to know each other "face to face". Today is the day to make an appointment with Tami. This can be a face to face meeting, sit down meeting, a phone call, Skype, a series of text messages. Whatever works for you.

I am here for you, ready and willing to help! I want to know where you have had successes, where you need a little help. What works for you and what you think might work better. I want open communication with you.

You are not just my Designer but you are now a part of the Team Believe Family!

Day 16 - The Fortune is in the Follow Up

For every Jewelry Bar you have - whether it is your launch or any other Jewelry Bar - there will be guests that can not attend. These guests are still potential customers, hostesses or maybe your team member.

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to follow up: http://but.ly/1PTUUgZ

TAKE ACTION: After watching the video, make a list of the guests you invited to your debut Jewelry Bars that did not attend. Follow up with each of them through email, text or phone call. See if they would like to order, host or join - you may be surprised by the results!

Day 17 - Setting Your Goals for a Jewelry Bar

Goals are fundamental to having a successful business. They are equally necessary to have a successful Jewelry Bar. Setting personal goals for each of your scheduled Jewelry Bars will help you get closer to achieving your "why".

We suggest that your goals for a Jewelry Bar should average 10 orders, at least 500PV, 2 to 3 new bookings and one potential Designer to add to your team. Can you just imagine what your business will look like if you reach these goals every time?

TAKE ACTION: Lets get started on setting goals for those upcoming Jewelry Bars! Look at the Jewelry Bars you have scheduled, and set your goals for each one. Once you have defined your Jewelry Bar goals, post them by your desk, put them on the refrigerator, have them sent to you as a reminder. Get them in your mind - they will be easier to attain if they are in the forefront of your thoughts.

Day 18 - Hostess Coaching

Coaching your hostess is the most important part of your Jewelry Bar. It can take an average Jewelry Bar to a GREAT Jewelry Bar. Coaching begins the relationship between you and your hostess.

There is a great checklist in the O2 Academy to help you walk through coaching your hostess. Check it out: http://bit.ly?1KIVEkA

A few things you definitely need to share are:

1. Help your hostess set goals. Say something like "Amy, I am so excited about your Jewelry Bar next month. My goal is to help you earn $300 in free jewelry and at least 4 items at half price - so, let's get started!" (we'll talk about hostess rewards tomorrow, these can help your hostess set her goals.)

2. Have y our hostess make a wish list. When she realizes how much jewelry she wants, it will motivate her to ensure her Jewelry Bar is a success.

3. Teach your hostess fun ways to invited her guests. Encourage her to invite 30-40 people. Have her use an ALICE list to create her guest list. She can of course call her guests, send a post card, or create an Evite. Another fun alternative is to create a video invite.

Check out this example: http://bit.ly?1KO9Wlb

She could also send a text like: "Jewelry Bar at my house - October 25th at 7pm. Who is in? We will be creating our own, personalized lockets - bring a friend!"

or " Design the perfect gift! Meet at my house November 18th at 5pm. Would love to see you! Bring a friend!"

or "Stephanie, you have to save the date for June 5th! We are going to have a lot of fun while creating custom personalized jewelry!"

TAKE ACTION: After you review the resources above, find a friend or family member and practice your hostess coaching conversations. Then, create a video of y our hostess coaching process and share it with Tami!

Day 19 - Hostess Rewards

Think about how excited you were when you first saw Origami Owl jewelry. Share that same excitement when you share the Hostess Rewards Program with your hostesses and show them all that they can earn by simply inviting friends and family over! Better yet, if you can provide your hostess with a visual of what she can earn, chances are she will help drive more sales for you. After your hostess understands the reward program have her set a goal!

If you are not familiar with the Hostess Reward Program you can find a flyer in the O2 Academy. Log into your back office, click on O2 Academy, in the search bar enter Hostess Exclusive. Go over this flyer a few times and make sure you understand it properly. Be sure to print out the Hostess Rewards Program and put it in a frame. Have this frame displayed at your Jewelry Bars for everyone to see.

TAKE ACTION: Pretend you are speaking to a Hostess. Record a video of yourself giving an overview of the Hostess Reward Program. View that video several times to see where you can improve.

Day 20 - Sponsoring and Sharing the O2 {Love}

Some new Designers think that building a team is something that only experienced Designers can do. Some new Designers think that they should become good at selling and schedule before sharing the opportunity with others. Nothing could be further from the truth! Now is the perfect time to share your business with others. Your excitement will be contagious and THAT creates interest.

So.......who do you know that loves jewelry and might need some additional income? Who do you know that is a real go-getter? Who would you like to work with and mentor?

Your experience is even more rewarding when you start with a friend someone with whom you share ideas and successes. Fun, friendship, recognition, being a Force For Good and financial rewards are all great reasons to start a business. We have found the best reason is that everyone deserves the opportunity o be a Designer. When you invite people to join you, you share your most important benefit - sharing the O2 {Love}!

TAKE ACTION: Check out this video on the importance of Sponsoring:

Make a list of a few friends who you would love to have join you in this business and on this journey! Reach out to 2 of them for your invitations today. Let me know how you are doing!

Day 21 - A Day to Rest

Today be sure to enjoy time with your family. If you need to catch up on any of the posts from earlier this week, today is a great day to do it.

How Does it Feel?

Week 3 is now complete!

So far we have learned how to schedule Jewelry Bars and invite guests. We have learned how to prepare for a Jewelry Bar. We have learned what to expect from a Jewelry Bar and we have practiced for our Jewelry Bars.

We have learned how to connect and re-connect with our guests. We have learned the importance of teaching guests how to tell their stories. We have built our tomorrow's from our Jewelry Bars by inviting guests to become our new hostesses.

We have learned that the Fortune is in the Follow Up. How to set goals for ourselves and our hostesses. We have learned how to coach our hostesses and how to help them achieve their wish lists and earn those hostess rewards and exclusives!

Your belief in yourself and your business should be growing and with that comes growth in your team! Keep pushing forward, keep working hard and you too shall reap the reward!