Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry Content - How the World Works

- plant experiment

- making observations

- chick growth inside an egg

- animal web cams

- sequencing life cycles

- planetarium field trip

- aquarium field trip

Language Content

- phase 5 sounds and high frequency words

- long and short vowel sounds

- nouns, adjectives, verbs

- contractions

- grammar

- descriptive writing

Math Content

- decomposing/composing numbers to 10

- addition and subtraction strategies working with numbers to 20 - e.g. doubles, near doubles, thinking about addition for subtraction, thinking about tens and ones: 3 + 4 = 7, so 13 + 4 = 17, counting up for subtration: 18 - 16 = 2 (counting up from 16 to 18)

- place value

- story problems

- skip counting

- counting money

- symmetry

- 2D shapes

German Content

- writing about our field trips to the Planetarium and Aquarium

- working on sounds "st" and "sp" creating a domino or memory game

- practise spelling of unit words (e.g. die Pflanze, wachsen, blühen etc.)

- discussing about the characteristics of living and non-living things

- taking care of our "Kapuzinerkresse" plants in our explorer groups - one experiment plant and one plant that gets water, soil, light and air

- using the app BOOK CREATOR to record the plant observations

Ways To Help At Home

- revise alphabet sounds and names

- practice reading phase 2, 3 and 4 high frequency words

- practice letter formation

- practice addition and subtraction strategies calculating to 20

- practice skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's

- practice counting small quantities of money below 1€

- look for symmetrical objects in the environment

- discuss 2D shapes and their properties

PE - We need your support!

On the day your child has P.E., we would really appreciate your support in ensuring your child wears suitable sport clothes to school. It is extremely helpful for all of the children to be dressed for P.E. as it is currently taking place at a nearby park and the children have limited time to get changed. The outdoor lessons also require the children to have weather appropriate clothing.

Many thanks for your support!


P.E. Team