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Wanted For...

People may made a mistake to trust Lithium, but it caused pain and suffering to the human body. Lithium caused rashes, sore throats, severe skin burns and blisters, abdominal cramps and pain, nausea, collapse and vomiting. It also gave toxic fumes when burned for its first death sentence and now he's on the loose again.


Color: Silver- White

Atomic Mass: 6.941

Atomic Number: 3

Metal/ Non- Metal: Alkali Metal

Appearance at Room Temperature: Solid

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First Arresting Officer

Arfwedson belonged to a wealthy bourgeois family, the son of the wholesale merchant and factory owner Jacob Arfwedson and his spouse, Anna Elisabeth Holtermann. The younger Arfwedson matriculated as a student at the University of Upsala in 1803 (at the time, matriculating at a young age was common for aristocratic and wealthy students), completed a degree in Law in 1809 and a second degree in mineralogy in 1812. In the latter year, he received an unpaid position in the Royal Board of Mines, where he advanced to the position of notary (still without a salary) in 1814.

Report of First Arrest

Lithium was discovered in 1817. The mineral petalite (which contains lithium) was discovered by the Brazilian scientist José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva towards the end of the 18th century while visiting Sweden.
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Lithium is found in igneous rocks combined with other elements, such as aluminum, silicon and oxygen, and in salt water as lithium chloride.

Known Associates





Lithium's pure form is HIGHLY DANGEROUS!!!
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