1st Dyansty

Ancient Egypt

The Rulers

Ancient Egypt was the 1st political state to be under one ruler. At first they were ruled by kings and queens. An example of the rulers would be Aha, Djer, Djet, Queen Merneith, King menes, meryt-neith. The would have rule dover the territory spanning from todays Egypt with formal borders. Also Mediterranean sea in the north across the modern day Gaza Strip in the East. The rulers where the main focus of the 1st dynasty.

The People

The 1st dynasty started right before the unification of upper and lower Egypt. Its said that king Menes united them together. This marks the period Early Dynastic Period of Egypt. The main focus was on the kings and queens "Pharaohs". The most well know Pharaoh was Narmer or Menes.


Most of the information about this dynasty was found from the monuments. The most important monuments people used were Narmer Palette and Macehead. No detailed records of this dynasty have lasted. The only one that survived was the terese list on the Palermo Stone.
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Human sacrifice was part of the funerary rituals that was associated with Pharaohs of the 1st dynasty. When people and animals would be buried with the Pharaoh they say they would assist them in the afterlife. For unknown reasons this ritual ended after the first dynasty.
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The have also found information on the 1st dynasty with a style of ceramics at the rulers burial. Using archaeological evidence historians they have been able to make a timeline e of the first dynasty. The amount of time each ruler got roughly was 32 years each. It has also shown that people who lived along the Nile River had started permanent settlements.


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