January 6th, 2014 - Spring 2014 vol. 2

The Mentee Minute

School Starts January 6th

Teacher Quality and the Mentoring Team warmly welcome you to teaching online. We are excited to support you in this new endeavor. Each week you will receive The Mentee Minute. Check out the many resources below to help you get started this semester. Be sure to fill out the Mentee Minute Survey at the bottom of the newsletter to document your participation and communicate with the mentoring team. Always call on your mentor for assistance.

Just In Time Meetings: Live Session Coming Up

When: begins Monday, January 13th at 7:30 pm
Where: This is a mandatory (for new ETC instructors) online event. Join every Monday at 7:30 pm. The Adobe sessions cover key topics that you need to know, just in time! Spend 30 minutes in a large group setting, then head to breakout rooms for content specific help with your mentor.

Use the following link to join the sessions: http://gavirtualschool.adobeconnect.com/jit/

Just In Time Resources

JIT Schedule

We have created a schedule for this semester's JIT sessions. Please review the dates and topics of the sessions.

Use the following link to take a look at what we will be covering this semester.


JIT Session 2 is Ready!

Take a few moments (about 30 to be exact) and review the recording below. This JIT session covers the following topics:

Rolling Enrollment ~ Homepage Set Up ~ SPED Accommodations ~ Teacher Handbook ~ My Home Tips ~ Time Management Strategies ~ Useful Resources ~ Mentor Talk Topics

Link to recording video: http://gavirtualschool.adobeconnect.com/p63gnm8mx74/

Please be sure to click JIT Attendance while viewing session 2 to update our records. Thanks!

D2L Help

Don't forget to check out the Teacher Toolbox for many helpful D2L tutorials. Use the link on the GaVS homepage, or the one below.


Here are a few of the items mentioned in this week's JIT session:

Making Eyeballs Visible: http://goo.gl/y8dAan

Manual Group Enrollment: http://goo.gl/rExvOY

Special Access for Quizzes: http://goo.gl/ZJxt7A

Viewing Grading Groups: http://goo.gl/0CPUwy

Posting Adobe Recordings: http://goo.gl/soXcXL

Using Adobe Connect ~ from Iara Reynolds

I have made some Jings explaining how to use Adobe Connect. If you're not familiar with Adobe Connect, please watch these videos. Hopefully, it's enough information to get you started. Here are the links (each one is less than 5 minutes):


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Meet the Authors

Joyce Bearden ~ GaVS 2013/2014 Teacher of the Year; GaVS 2013/2014 Mentor of the Year; GaVS Latin Instructor since 2009

Kelly Gardner ~ GaVS 2012/2013 & 2013/2014 Teacher of the Year Finalist; GaVS English Department Mentor; GaVS English Instructor since 2007