CTS Snapshot


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Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers the launch of #AmbitionForAll. Throughout February we will be highlighting the achievements of our students. We will also have exciting events going on in school. We will keep you up to date with these events through the Snapshot, the school website and Twitter.


Below are pictures and details of some of the exciting events that have taken place this week.

Lesson Stars:

The following students have been nominated this week #AmbitionForAll:

  • Brandon 7ST
  • Oscar 7TA
  • Abbie 8T
  • Tamsyn 8S
  • Abigail 9C
  • Dominika 9S
  • Lewis 10C
  • Amber 10C
  • Charlie 11T
  • Evelyn 11C
  • Jordan 12H

Stars of the Week:


  • Mrs Wright has nominated the following Year 10 CCF students who achieved their First Aid certificate this week, Owen, Bailey, Megan and Daniils.
  • Congratulations to 8C for winning the 'Attendance of the Week' trophy last week.
  • Mr Cox would like to thank everyone involved in the preparation of the Drama Production next week for their support and dedication.
  • Miss Ferns has nominated Year 11 Mathematicians Leoni, William and Fitzgerald for fantastic mock exam results.
  • Miss Watt would like to say well done to Emma and Oscar in 7TA for their excellent work in Computing and German this week.
  • Miss Connellan has said well done to Year 11 and Year 10 for their hard work and positive attitude to learning in the English mock exams this week.
  • Mrs Prior would like to nominate 9A2 for their role as poets this week and the ambitious and creative work they produced.
  • Mr Harley would like to nominate Aiden in 10C for his planning and independence during practical work in Design & Technology.
  • Mrs Ferns would like to say well done to Aidan, Kacper and Tamara in 8A2 Maths - congratulations on fantastic term 3 assessment results and exceeding their end of year targets.
  • Miss Fenner has nominated Malika and Kara in Year 12 for their progress and effort in AS English Language.
  • Miss Fenner has also nominated Tamsyn and Sophie in 8A1 for their exceptional work in analysing Shakespeare and 9A1 for their creativity with poetry this week.
  • Mr Godfrey would like to nominate Scott in Year 12 for showing resilience which has significantly improved his performance in A-level Physics these last few weeks.
  • Mr Bidwell has said well done to Holly in 7CO for excellent effort in History and Geography.
  • Mrs Prior has also nominated James and Aaron in 11A1 for their diligent preparation for their English Language in completing an extra paper for addition feedback before the exam - "I hope your hard work pays off boys!" (Mrs Prior).


  • Mrs Arnold has nominated all staff who were brave enough to take the Maths mock exam this week along with the Year 11 students.

Celebration of Student Work:

Attendance Matters

Every single day a student is absent from school equates to a day lost of learning. At Corby Technical School we pride ourselves in maintaining excellent attendance. Our target is to achieve and maintain a whole school attendance of above 96.5%. We will be giving you weekly updates on our whole school attendance, the tutor group and house who achieved the highest attendance this week.