Dante ledbetter

Cinquain poem




lot of action and exercise



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personification poem

I am a leaf

I fly and fall in the

air. Bound to hit the ground

people walk over and under me

I am a leaf

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Freedom I cherish you

you make me feel happy strong and free

you give me the right to speak and have fun

freedom is enjoyable because I can choose what i what to do

your special to everyone your given to I am thankful


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There once was a lion named Gerry A

He was very hairy A

so he shaved it off B

and called Hoff B

He was no longer hairy Gerry A


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The long large old tree

Swayed in the strong blowing wind

and slowly stopped almost instantly


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My strength is like a elephants

My energy is like a burning sun

My courage is like a lion

My poem is like the summer breeze

My eyes are as brown as the forest trees

My attitude is like a open field

My poem is like a wide ocean

I'm the trees in the forest

I'm nature


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Exaggeration poem

I bought a new computer

It's the quickest I've ever seen

It's got tons of memory

And a 40-inch screen

It' has twenty-seven mice

and can bake a cake

It's does my homework for me

and helps me in bed ever night

My computer can fly to space

It eats homework to become smarter

My computer rules

It's my new computer


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Acrostic Poem

Truthful,and thoughtful

Right thing to do

unifies your respect

Try to tell

Honest and honorable


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Makes Me Think Of

Football makes me think of sports

Sports makes me think of extrusize

extrosize makes me think of health

health makes me think of condition

condition makes me think of fitness

fitness makes me think of activity

activity makes me think of running

running makes me think of feet

feet makes me think of football


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Color poem

Yellow is the sky stars

Yellow is the light on a firefly

Yellow is the tasty lemon pies

Yellow the sour lemons in my lemonade

Yellow is the sound of a fish in the water

Yellow is the bright signs on the side of the road

Yellow the bright suns warmth

Yellow makes me smile

Yellow is a library book


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Rhyme scheme

Every day I wait for night A

To tuck in tight A

And have a wonderful dream B

and wake not very mean B


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