We Need Hunting

What effect does legal hunting have on wildlife populations?

Hunting and Populations

Legal hunting accounts for none of the causes related with the endagerment and extinction of species. Hunting cannot be associated with reduction of animal populations, because we have more wildlife today than we had 100 years ago.

Why we need hunting

Each Spring, a surplus of animals are born, which exceeds the carrying capacity of the ecosystem. By allowing seasonal hunts, biologist are able to maintain stability and equilibrium in ecosystems. At first it may seem hunters are the ones taking away from wildlife, but really hunters are effectively managing and conserving the habitat.

Hunting is one of the the greatest forms of conservation, and allows for wise use of the wildlife and resources.


While many hunters wish they could harvest more animals more often, it is necessary to put limits and seasons into effect in order to prevent over-hunting. In the 1800's, for-profit hunters were responsible for obliterating wildlife populations, and sending animals such as the Buffalo to the near point of extinction.

The real Killer

Hunters are not the enemy to animal populations, it is actually the urbanization of the modern world that destroys the habitat of these animals, and in turn causes a major decline in their population. It is by far the most effective killer of animals, followed by competition with introduced species, controlled pests, pesticides and illegal hunting.