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February 2016, K - 5 News

Career Day - Volunteers Needed!

Careers don't just happen, they develop over time and often with specific experiences and education. At career day, your student will learn about various jobs and the education necessary to pursue those jobs. Through exposure to different professions, your student may discover what does and doesn't interest him/her, add to their experiences, and perhaps even discover something that makes them think a little about their future. In order to pull off a successful Career Day here at MST, we need volunteers to speak with our students about their professions. Parents, relatives, family friends: all are welcome!

To volunteer, click on this link:


Guidance this month will take place on an as-needed basis due to simulations and STAAR testing.

Important Dates

GT Testing Dates

March 1-7: Non Verbal and Quantitative Ability Test, grades 2-5

March 21-24: Verbal Ability Test, grades 2-3

April 24-May 7: Verbal Ability Test, grades 4-5 & necessary makeups

Last Week of School: Identification letters with results are sent home to parents in report cards.

Anger Management and Violence Prevention

March 22, 2016

6:00 - 7:30 pm

Children don't come with a user manual. Despite parent/guardian best intentions, sometimes they need a little help. "Instructions Not Included" is a series that offers free information geared toward parent(s)/guardian(s) who would like to learn new strategies to better understand and help their child(ren).

Registration: Registration is free; Register on the Region 10 ESC website in the Calendar of Events;

For more information, contact Janet Hathcock at 972-348-1364 or

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)/Medicaid for Children

9:00 am - 12noon; Session Dates: February 20, March 26, April 16, May 14

St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church

1220 West Beltline Road

Richardson, TX 75080

Free event to help with the application process for Health Insurance. Working families of four people earning about $49,959 or less per year may be eligible to insurance all the children in their family for $50 or less for twelve months through the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Rates are based on the number of people in your family and your family's income.

Benefits include hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions, vaccinations, lab tests, eyeglasses, dental coverage, and more. Pre-existing conditions are covered.

All you need to bring is proof of income (recent paycheck stubs for the last two months, or a letter from your employer, or your latest income tax return, your child(ren)'s social security number(s), and a copy of your child(ren)'s birth certificate(s). Bring receipts for childcare and receipts for child support paid or received if they apply to you.

Children must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents to qualify.

St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church is located on W. Beltline Road between 75 and Central Expressway and Coit Road. It is adjacent to Richardson High School at the north east corner of W. Beltline Road and Mimosa Drive.

Dia de CHIP (Seguro Medico para sus hijos)

Iglesia Presbiteriana de St. Barnabas

1220 West Beltline Road

Richardson, TX 75080

9:00 a.m. - 12 mediodia; Session Dates: February 20, March 26, April 16, May 14

Seguro medico a bajo costa para sus ninos. Los precios se basan en el tamano, los ingresos y los gastos de su familia. Las familias de cuatro miembros que ganan hasta $49,959 por ano o menos pueden ser elegibles para asegurar a todos los ninos de su familia por $50 o menos por doce meses.

Los beneficios incluyen hospitalizacion, examenes periodicos, vacunas, medicinas con recetas, pruebas de laboratorio, servicios y hospitalizacion, anteojos, servicio dental y mas. Cobertura de condiciones preedistentes.

Traiga las siguientes pruebas del ingreso: Las dos ultimas copias de los talones de cheque mas reciente de su trabajo o una carta de su empleo, o copias mas recientes de la declaracion de impuestos federales. Traiga tambien el numero de Seguro Social del nino y una copia del acta de nacimiento de cada hijo. Tambien traiga las siguientes que aplica a usted: una prueba de pago si alguien cuida a sus ninos y una prueba de sostenimiento de menores que usted paga o recibe.

Los ninos tienen que ser Ciudadanos o Residentes Permanentes y Legales para calificar.

Megan Daniel

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