The Coaches Corner

Week of November 23-27

Weekly Reflections

Happy Thanksgiving!

Birch St. Interventions changes will take effect when we come back from Thanksgiving Break. The schedules will be shared with you this evening.

Other buildings, make sure you are monitoring your data and making adjustments based on student needs. Let me know if you need my help with this!

AIMSweb: Need to Know


Intensive and Strategic Students

K – None this week

1st – NWF – None this Week

2nd - 5th RCBM – None this Week


All Students

K- None this Week

1st-5th- None this Week

Where I will be this week...

Monday: Out of Town

Tuesday: Birch Street

Wednesday: No School

Thursday: No School

Friday: No School

Important Events this Week...

Monday, November 23

Tuesday, November 24

Wednesday, November 25 No School

Thursday, November 26 No School Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 27 No School

Helpful Hint...

If you would like to be able to get to this page quickly throughout the week, save it to your desk top. To do this, from the email right click the link, click save as and go to desktop.

Note: you will have to do this each week with the new newsletter.

This just in: I am attaching all of these newsletters in a Google Classroom.

Of Interest...