This Week in E2

Mrs. Rickman's Class

This Week

Well, our first full week is under our belts, and it was very productive. I placed each student into their own math Albanesi plan and it went off without a hitch. Kids are figuring out how to manage the choices they have and how to use the cards appropriately. I'm impressed with what I saw this week that I plan on rolling out the LANGUAGE ALBANESI curriclum next week, let's hope it goes as smoothly as the math.

On Friday afternoon I set aside time to conference with each student to go over what they accomplished during the week and to help them get organized. Today I sent home individual FRIDAY FOLDERS, it's the 'special' one they chose for this year. I will help each student gather the work they have accomplished weekly and put it into that folder. Please look at your child's work and RETURN the folder with the work in it on Monday. Each child has a three-binder that they will put their work in throughout the year, we are building a portfolio of the entire year for you to keep in June. In this week's folder I will place a simple sheet for you to sign acknowledging you saw the work and a reminder to send it back to school.

My goal by the end of September or early October is to have weekly work plans for each student. They will get them on Monday and fill them out daily to record and reflect on their work. When these become part of our routine I will send them home with the Friday folder for you to sign.

I cannot state how thankful I am for having such amazing, generous, patient families this year. Your children are a reflection of the home they come from.

Observation vs. Inference

On Wednesday we spent time in science talking about he difference between OBSERVING and INFERING. The kids learned that when you make an observation you use your senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting ( no, we didn't taste anything at the pond!). When we make an inference we think or use our brain, noodle, bean, mellon etc....

This weeks video shows the power of observation at the pond, when we returned to the classroom we made inferences about our observations and the environment.


It's best if snack is sent in on Monday and I will distribute, but feel free to send in your contributions anytime, we have 18 kiddos to share with.



Owen R.



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Reminders From Mr. Duffek

We have a lot more Montessori students and families this year, which is great! This has also made for a very busy morning with drop off. To make mornings more safe, efficient and to maximize student learning we ask that parents/guardians drop their children off at school at either 8:15 (so they can start at8:20 when the bell rings) or 8:45 (so they can start school with all of NPMLC when the bus arrives). Students can go directly to the cafeteria where staff will have various activities that will start at 8:20 and go until 8:45. To promote independence we suggest dropping your child off at the front door or walk him/her in and drop off in the cafeteria so he/she can start the activities with his/her peers at 8:20. We will begin this on Monday, September 19th. If your child rides the bus or if you drop off prior to 8:00 nothing will change for him/her. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

We have a Montessori Parent Committee (similar to a PTO) that meets regularly throughout the year. Our first meeting will be on September 19th, at 3:30 PM in the school library. If you are interested in being part of this committee you are welcome to attend this meeting. Attached to this email you will find the agenda.

Upcoming Events/Dates/Stuff


Kindness is showning you care, doing some good t omake life better for others. Be thoughtful about people's needs. Show love and compassion to someong who is sand or nees your help.


Wednesday, September 21 @1:00

My plan is to have 4 students in the kitchen each month to help prepare the meal, too many kiddos in the kitchen just makes for a mess! Each child will have a chance to get in the kitchen to cook at some point durng the year, it will be on a rotating basis. Thank you again for all the donations, it's your generosity that will make this work!

TOY CARS - if you have any extra toy cars for a science experiment please send them in, I will return :)