Region 2 Regional UPDATE

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Contest update


First, I would like to say thank you all for what you do for your students, school, workforce and SkillsUSA! If it wasn’t for your expertise, time and willingness to train these young adults we would not have the skilled workforce we so desperately need. With that being said, here is some much needed information about the Region 2 Regional Contests.

Bye contests will move on to state directly, all others will have contests

Leadership contests: Ivy Tech Warsaw on 2/1/2019 (any questions contact Angie Higginbotham)

Job Interview- will have contest (Angie has spoken to advisors registered)

Job Skills Demonstration A- Will have contest

Job Skills Demonstration Open- Will have contest (Angie has spoken to advisors registered)

Community Service- Bye

Engineering Technology- Bye

Promotional Bulletin Board- Contest will be held at Anthis by instructor

Pin Design- See Attached Pin Design Contest rules All entries much be submitted by 2/5/2019

T-shirt Design- See Attached Pin Design Contest rules All entries much be submitted by 2/5/2019

Skilled contests: Various locations see contests

3D Visual and Animation- Bye

Additive Manufacturing- Bye

Advertising Design- (13) St. Francis

Audio/Radio Production- Bye

Automotive Refinishing- (6) INFORMATION TO COME STAY TUNED

Automotive Service- (34) Ivy Tech 3701 Dean Dr. Ft. Wayne, IN 46835

Barbering- Bye

Cabinetmaking- (9) Anthis

Carpentry- (8) Anthis

Childhood Education- (56) Holds own contest

CNC Milling- (4-HS; 1-PS) IPFW

CNC Technician- (5) IPFW

CNC Turning- (4)

Collision Damage Appraisal- Bye


Commercial Baking-(15) Ivy Tech (menus and tools list to come)

Cosmetology- (15) Fairfield

Crime Scene Invest.-(10 teams) Trine University

Criminal Justice- (19) Trine University

Culinary Arts- (16) Ivy Tech (menu and tool list to come)

Diesel Equipment Technology- (7) Ivy Tech 3701 Dean Dr. Ft. Wayne, 46835

Digital Cinema Production- (14 teams) Contest will be emailed

Electrical Construction Wiring- (16) Anthis

Esthetics- (9 teams) Fairfield

Firefighting- (1) Bye

HVAC- (14) holding own contest at school

Information Technology- (5) Bye

Interactive Application & Video Gaming- (1 team) Bye

Marine Service Technology- (12) holding own contest at school

Masonry- (9) Anthis

Nail Care- (11 teams) Fairfield

Nursing Assisting- (12) holding own contest at school

Photography- (5) Bye

Plumbing- (1) Bye

Precision Machining Technology- (10) Ivy Tech

Restaurant Services- (7) Ivy Tech

Sheet Metal- (1) Bye

TeamWorks- (2 teams) Bye

Technical Drafting- (2) Bye

Television Video Production- (3 teams) Bye

Web Design- (4 Teams) I believe it is a Bye but sometimes they hold a practice I will confirm as soon as I know.

Welding- (8) Ivy Tech

Welding Fab- (4 teams) Pipe Fitters- UA Local 116



Welding Fabrication additional information

Competition at the address below on Saturday, February 9th starting at 8:00am and ending at 12:00pm. I will supply all tools, welders, and materials, the only thing the contestants need to bring is their PPE. I will have lunch for everyone at 12:00pm (pizza) with and awards ceremony at 12:30. I have a few prizes for the team that comes in 1st . Also any family or friends who wish to come are more than welcome, I will have plenty of food for everyone.


Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 166

2930 West Ludwig Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46818