CTE Charging Station

May 9-13

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Information for our Campus

Monday, May 9 Grades upload at 4 PM

Tuesday, May 10, PROG due at 1:30 PM, CTE Celebration 4:30 PM at Madison

Wednesday, May 11, Senior Awards, 7:00 Littleton Gym

Thursday, May 12

Friday, May 13 CSOC due

As we get near final exams and grades, I wanted to share with you the "69" issue. In past years, we have been cautioned to only give grades we can justify. The current administration believes it would be hard to justify a 69 since grades can be subjective. I think we can all agree with that. If you feel strongly about a grade lower than that (67, 68, for example), the administration will back you if you can justify your grades. Bottom line is do what is right....right for the kid, right for the situation.

Important Dates

May 10: PROG due at 1:30, CTE Celebration, 4:30

May 11: Senior Awards

May 13: CSOC Due

May 18: Faculty Meeting

May 20: FAST Due

May 25: Senior Final Exams 1,7

May 26: Senior Final Exams 3,8

May 27: Everybody Final Exams 2,5

May 31: Everybody Final Exams 4,6

June 1: Underclassmen Final Exams 3,8

June 2: Underclassmen Final Exams 1,7

June 2: ALL GRADES DUE BY 5:00 PM, Graduation Rehearsal 11:00 AM

June 3: GTCH, opens for WC only at 7 AM

June 3: Graduation 2:30