Skilled Flow Records

CEO: Tykendal Bradshaw && CoCEO: Terrance Sample

Calling All Artists

Skilled Flow Records is now on the lookout for the most talented Rappers/Singers, Graphic Designers, Promoters, Event Planners, and Producers from all around. If you would like more info or would be interested in joining in, email us @ Thanks in advance for your time.


When reviewing your music these are the things we will look for:

- Originality (How You Stand Out From Others) Everyone

- Quality (How Well Your Music/Graphics Is Put Together) Rappers/Singer, Graphic Designers

- Lyrics (Punchlines, Metaphors, Similes) Rappers/Singers

- Image (Do You Look Like A Star? Character? Charisma?) Rappers/Singers

Skilled Flow Records

We are not a label or a team. Once you sign to SFR, you become family. We stand for loyalty, so you either stay loyal or stay away.