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Technology Resources to Promote Engagment

How to teach Thinking Skills

Nurture the designers to develop and encourage the freedom to process the possibilities.

Wordle or Tagul

Wordle or Tagul can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. It can be used for starting a lesson, closure and wrap-up or as a study guide of information.


This is an online resources that houses websites and wiki-spaces into one great organizer. This will keep your desktop clear while not loosing valuable resources. You will be able to access resources at ANY location.

Online Stop Watch

Looking for a great way to motivate students to stay on task for any activity? Look no further! Online stop watch gives students a great visual for the amount of time left for the task to be completed.

Answer Garden

A minimal tool for maximum feedback. This resource is a new minimalistic feedback too. Use it for online brainstorming or embed it in your own website as a poll. Provide a question, have students type short answers and get instant overview of results.


For ultimate satisfaction create a Smore. This will help you create flyers about important information in a creative design. It helps you create amazing pages that you'd be proud to share!


With the recent election in sight.... your student can vote for their choice of President. Then they can give pro's and con's to support their candidate.


Have graphics tell a story from your information. Infographics are an awesome way to tell stories out of data. With a lite set of professional design tools, Piktochart helps you create wow presentations to engage your web audience. Combine themes, shapes, icons, vectors, text, uploaded images, chart exporter (8 types of visualizations) to create the story you want

Google Docs

Sharing information used to be very difficult! There were so many steps involved. Now, you can share online documents, presentations, charts and create online surveys that allow you to collect data. This useful resources also allows others to edit your documents!

Dart Board Student Selector

Selecting students used to be really hard. There always seemed to be a couple of students you chose. Not anymore! Use this creative resource to call students for activities, pick groups, or just for fun! You and your kids will love this addition to your classroom!

Poll Everywhere

Looking for a new way to use formative assessments? Ask students questions and get answers back! These questions can be open-ended or multiple choice.