Connected Classrooms

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Virtual Field Trips connects cultural institutions like museums, zoos and aquariums with schools and non-profits around the country via Google+ Hangouts On Air. Hangouts On Air allow institutions to share universal access to unique cultural and educational experiences regardless of geographical and financial restrictions.

Virtual Field Trips - Google+

Connect with other Classrooms and experts via a Google Hangout.

In the past few days these are just a FEW of opportunities I’ve seen for classrooms to connect with other classrooms:

  • connect with an 8th grade science classroom over the periodic table
  • connect with a 3rd class from Iowa looking to do a Mystery hangout (where you guess what state the other class is in a game of 20 questions)
  • connect with a 5th grade class looking for a Mystery hangout.
  • Connect with a 1st grade class looking to talk to classes from urban, suburban, and rural communities.
  • Connect with a 6th grade class looking to do a mystery hangout and focus on science topics like weather, climate, and rocks.
  • Connect with a 9th grade class looking to connect while studying The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Connect with middle school students to discuss “A Long Walk to Water”.
  • Connect with a REAL meteorologist.
  • Connect with an 8th grade class to talk about the importance of the Constitution.
  • OR... you can initiate the connection about any topic you'd like!